UNSC Clearidas was a UNSC destroyer active during the Human-Covenant war.[1]

Operational HistoryEdit

During the Battle of Hat Yai, Clearidas ducked and weaved around Covenant forces in low orbit, bouncing off the atmosphere as it dropped its cargo of 100 ODST-filled SOEIV's. After the battle it retrieved the surviving marines and retreated back into slipspace.

Sometime after 2535 and the establishment of the Cole Protocol, Clearidas was ambushed by a Covenant cruiser. Someone high up on the chain of command gave the command to flash unfreeze the ship's ODSTs in case the ship got boarded. However flash unfreezing was incredibly risky, and a third of the ODSTs died. Their lives were wasted, as the Clearidas managed to escape.

Known PersonnelEdit

Gage Yevgenny was stationed on Clearidas from the Battle of Hat Yai until the Battle of Skopje when he ran into Felicia Sanderson, who had him transferred to UNSC Chares.


  • The ship is most likely named after Clearidas, a Spartan General during the Peloponnesian War, who took over for Brasidas (who has a namesake UNSC Destroyer) after he was killed at the Battle of Amphipolis in 422 BCE.



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