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The UNSC Commonwealth was a United Nations Space Command Paris-class heavy frigate. In 2525, its commanding officer was Captain Wallace.[3]


Operational History[]

In 2525, the Commonwealth ferried the SPARTAN-II's along with Dr. Halsey to the Damascus Testing Facility on the planet Chi Ceti IV.[3] There, during the Battle of Chi Ceti, the Commonwealth successfully engaged the Covenant Light Cruiser Unrelenting.[3] With the assistance of the Spartan-II's boarding party, and their new MJOLNIR Mark IV Armor, the Commonwealth was able to destroy the light cruiser.[4] The Commonwealth, however, was severely damaged in their first engagement against the Covenant Navy.[5]

Despite the damage incurred, the Commonwealth was able to return to Reach for repairs and then presumably returned to service against the Covenant's advances among the Outer Colonies.[6]

Damage Sustained at Chi Ceti IV[]

The ship took heavy damage during the Battle of Chi Ceti. The damage was:

  • Communications and navigation dishes destroyed.
  • Armor in sections 3-7 down to four centimeters from 60 cm.
  • Hull breach in section three.
  • Ship AI memory core overloaded.
  • Leak in the port fuel tank.
  • Fire in sections one through twenty. (Atmosphere vented, fire extinguished.)
  • Port armor destroyed.
  • Decks two through seven in section one melted away. Decks two through five in sections three, four and five out of contact.
  • Deck thirteen destroyed.
  • Hull structure came close to "buckling" (integrity about to fail) and the MAC system was taken offline.
  • Reactor only able to output ten percent of rated output.

Decommissioning and scrapping[]

Some time after the Chi Ceti incident, the Commonwealth was decommissioned by the UNSC and landed on a deserted wasteland to be scrapped.

When the Epsilon Eridani system was attacked, the Commonwealth became a battlefield venue between the ground forces of the UNSC and the Covenant.[7]

At the time of the attack, the Commonwealth was well into being scrapped. Already, its entire port-side launch deck was removed, along with its port engines. Its bridge had been taken out, and holes were made on its underbelly to allow staircases to be fitted in for the technicians assigned to take it apart. What remained of the Commonwealth was destroyed when Covenant forces set fire to Reach.


  • The UNSC Commonwealth serves as part of a vista in Halo: Reach's multiplayer map, Boneyard.
  • The Commonwealth could also be named after The Commonwealth of Nations which is a group of former British colonies and dominions or it could be named after the term "commonwealth," which is a country that a stranger nation claims as a territory or protectorate, such as the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The crew of the Commonwealth were ordered to wear respirator packs when Captain Wallace vented atmosphere in the ship to cut off a fire caused by plasma.




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