The UNSC Daedalus was a UNSC frigate that crashed on the planet Galgalia.[1]

Operational HistoryEdit

Crash on GalgaliaEdit

The Daedalus crashed on the planet of Galgalia near the beginning of the war. It scattered debris for hundreds of miles. The crash is notable because although such a crash is normally unsurvivable, four Marines survived the crash by being strapped into four Warthog FAVs in the Daedalus's motor pool. While adhering to the Cole Protocol, the Marines survived for several months on the planet's surface; with the Warthogs to hunt for food and utilizing their on-board desalinization utilities to make fresh-water. The Warthogs' radio systems were later programmed to send out a distress signal to the UNSC fleet and the four marines were all rescued in good health.[1]


The wreckage of the Daedalus was later salvaged by UNSC forces after receiving the distress call sent by the surviving Marines. The story of the surviving marines is frequently told throughout the UNSC as a testament to the Warthog's robust construction and design.[1]


  • The UNSC Daedalus was named after Daedalus, a mythical Greek inventor, who constructed wings for himself and his son, Icarus, so that they could escape the Minoans.


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