The UNSC Department of Commercial Shipping, abbreviated "DCS," is an organization in the UNSC.


Some of their ships were attacked by the Covenant ship Minor Transgression in 2524, which led to the beginning of the Human-Covenant war.

Lieutenant Commander Jilan al-Cygni posed as a DCS employee as cover for her assignment from the Office of Naval Intelligence to investigate the disappearance of freighters from Harvest.[1]


It is responsible for maintaining the UNSC commercial fleet and regulating interstellar commerce and shipping between colony worlds.[2]



Freighter Identification CodesEdit

Freighter Identification Codes are codes used by the UNSC to identify freighters. They are primarily used during COM transmissions.[3]

Freighter Identification Codes usually compose of a three-letter code followed by an eight- or nine-digit number. The letters correspond to the first letters of the freighter's name. If the freighter's name is only two words, the letter "X" is used as a substitute for the third letter (e.g. Contents Under Pressure would be "CUP," while Bulk Discount would be "BDX").[4] A notable exception to this is the Wholesale Price,[3] though this may be an oversight.




Ship Name Identification Number
Bulk Discount (BDX-008814530)[5]
Contents Under Pressure (CUP-00040370)[6]
Horn of Plenty (HOP-000987111)[7]
This End Up (TEU-00481361)[8]
Wholesale Price (WP-000614236)[3]
Other ClassesEdit



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