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The UNSC Dusk was a Prowler of the UNSC Navy assigned to the UNSC Home Fleet.[2]

Operational History[]

Unlike many other prowlers in service, the Dusk was manned and operated by regular naval personnel rather than ONI personnel. Prior to the Battle of Earth, the Dusk had seen eighteen months of constant action.[2]

Battle of Earth[]

The Dusk was in Earth orbit when the Battle of Earth occurred. She was caught between rotations and was forced to engage with only 43 of a normal complement of 90 crewmen.[2]

When the UNSC In Amber Clad pursued the CAS-class assault carrier of the Prophet of Regret, the Dusk was one of four ships available to follow them. However, only the Dusk was able to catch the slipspace wake caused by the carrier. Her companions, the UNSC Coral Sea, the UNSC Paris, and the UNSC Redoubtable moved further ahead in the slipstream, causing the Dusk to lose all contact with them.

Installation 05[]

As a result, by the time they arrived at Installation 05, the UNSC In Amber Clad had been destroyed, and the Civil War of the Covenant had already begun. After observing the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity destroy itself, the Dusk and her companions returned to Earth via slipspace.[3]

Deployment to Onyx[]

Upon returning to Earth, the Dusk was caught in the space battle unfolding in orbit, but was redeployed to Onyx in support of Battlegroup Stalingrad following the reception of Dr. Catherine Halsey's distress signal.[4] Not involved in direct combat during the Battle of Onyx, the only part the Dusk played in the Battle was to lay HORNET Mines which provided some support. The Dusk survived the destruction of the battle group by Covenant forces.

While the remaining Covenant ships were being destroyed by Sentinels, the Dusk was attempting to escape the system and return to Earth.[2] The Dusk managed to escape, and told the rest of the UNSC what had happened at Onyx.[1]



It carried several ordnance configurations, such as BLACK WIDOW COMSats and HORNET Mines.[2]




  • Captain Iglesias - Former Commanding Officer, undergoing treatment at the time of the Battle of Onyx.



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