UNSC Fathom,[2][3] also known as Fathom Station, is a UNSC research base deep under the Cortez Ocean of the UEG inner colony world Beta Gabriel.[1]



During the assault on the Epsilon Eridani system in 2552,[1] the UNSC Of Uncommon Courage downed the Splendid Intention. The Splendid Intention supposedly held weapon plans that would render the energy projector obsolete.[2]

Creation and DeploymentEdit

In 2554, the Office of Naval Intelligence realized that they needed to find these plans. So, they gave funding to the Imbrium Machine Complex to build the base. After the base was constructed, ONI deployed a Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group to the base.[1]


In 2556, a team of 23 divers were exploring the Splendid Intention when it shifted in it's resting spot. The Intention slid off the edge of the Aleutian Rim causing debris to slam into the Fathom. The station took water and was ripped apart, killing another 18 people and ending any further attempt to find the plans.[1]




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