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This is the culmination of human achievement.
— Unnamed UNSC Official[8]

UNSC Infinity (HCS: INF-101,[4] REG: 77263.000_A[9]) was the first Infinity-class supercarrier commissioned into the UNSC Navy following the end of the Human-Covenant war in 2553.[10] Infinity was a starship technology demonstrator, using recovered technology found during the war against the Covenant Empire and from Forerunner facilities and installations.[11]

Infinity's mission prior to the First Battle of Requiem was to locate the remaining Halo Arrays and other Forerunner installations and establish bases on them to oversee their decommission. They were also tasked with the search of Jul 'Mdama and his remaining Covenant. However, Infinity was pulled off this assignment by order of Lord Terrence Hood in favor of UNSC Vociferous.[12]

Operational History[]


Infinity was originally designed by Vice Admiral Elizabeth Sark, Commander Oscar Greyson, Dr. Dana Wolff, and Dr. Sada no Okuni as part of Project OUROBOROS. The original purpose of the ship was to be a mobile colony ship in case of societal collapse during the days of the Human-Covenant war.[1]


Infinity began construction in 2544[2] in the Oort cloud on the outskirts of the Sol system. The Office of Naval Intelligence attempted to keep the ship's construction a secret by permanently stationing workers in the Oort cloud while maintaining a complete communications blackout. The original purpose of Infinity was to beat back the Covenant in the event that Earth was lost and humanity needed a last resort.

Construction costs for the Infinity meant the Office of Naval Intelligence was unable to keep Infinity a secret from some senior members of the UNSC Navy,[13] like Rear Admiral Saeed Shafiq.

At least seven Huragok helped with refits, including Perfect Density and Requires Adjustment. These Huragoks helped upgrade the ship prior to launch. Some of their upgrades included more precise slipspace navigation as well as modified communications allowing ships to communicate even in slipspace. These modifications delayed Infinity from full deployment as it was still not complete and with the modifications, it would take even longer.[13]

Andrew Del Rio was assigned as the captain of Infinity. The rest of the crew consisted of several Spartan-IV personnel. They were assigned to her before the preliminary trials on the ship began.


Main article: Raid on the UNSC Infinity

While the ship was still under construction, it was seized by a group of Insurrectionists led by Ilsa Zane before being retaken by Spartan-IVs under the command of Sarah Palmer.


On March 22, 2553, Infinity was launched.[1] Infinity would then assist Arbiter Thel 'Vadam in putting down a revolt led by the Servants of the Abiding Truth.

The Hunt for the Halos[]

Four years after the Human-Covenant war, Infinity was officially commissioned into the UNSC Navy. One of her first assignments was to locate the remaining Halo Installations so that the UNSC could study them and later decommission them. While moving the Composer from Installation 03 to Ivanoff Research Station, Infinity would receive a set of coordinates leading to Requiem.

Finding the Master Chief[]

“Mayday! Mayday! This is the Captain of the UNSC Infinity, we're encountering an unknown gravimetric disturbance. We are without power and are on a collision course with an unidentified forerunner planet!”
— Captain Andrew Del Rio's distress call prior to impact on Requiem's surface.[14]
While en route, the ship received a distress call from UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. As part of Protocol 117-Alpha, the ship pursued.[15] Upon arrival, Infinity informed FLEETCOM of the situation and attempted to contact the two survivors of the Dawn.[16] The Didact then seized control of the ship and Infinity crashed onto the interior surface of Requiem,[14] where it was attacked by Promethean and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant forces.[17]

After subsequent repairs Infinity was able to lift off. Surface parties were deployed to neutralize a gravity well.[18] The Infinity escaped the shield world without directly engaging with the Didact,[19] and likely followed a plotted course to Carinae Station.[20]

Upon returning to Earth, FLEETCOM removed Captain Del Rio of his position for abandoning the Master Chief on Requiem. Thomas Lasky, the ship's XO was given the captain role instead. When the Ur-Didact attacked Earth, Infinity engaged Mantle's Approach, penetrating its hull with her forward MACs. This action provided John-117 a route in which to infiltrate the vessel with a Broadsword fighter and destroy it from within using a HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapon.[6]

SOS1E6 Infinity in Requiem Orbit

UNSC Infinity in orbit over Requiem.

Return to Requiem[]

Main article: Second Battle of Requiem

After six months, Infinity would return to Requiem and begin operations against Jul 'Mdama's Covenant[21] and Promethean forces still present on the Shield World.[22]

Toward the end of the conflict Infinity was boarded by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and Promethean forces.[23]

While the Covenant trapped Infinity with a Forerunner artifact using slipspace as an anchor, Jul 'Mdama manipulated Requiem's systems sending the planetoid on a collision course with its local star. Fireteam Crimson, Fireteam Majestic and Sarah Palmer were deployed to deactivate the artifacts anchoring Infinity to Requiem.[24] Upon success, the Spartan fireteams narrowly regrouped with Infinity amongst falling debris via D79H-TC Pelican dropships. Infinity made an emergency slipspace transition out of Requiem as it fell into its star, which exploded into a massive supernova, the deadly energy of which followed the vessel through its slipspace transition point. Infinity narrowly made its transition back into realspace speeding ahead of the pursuing inferno which was cut short as the transition closed.[25]


Main article: Battle of Ealen IV

Following the tour on Requiem, Infinity was tasked with escorting Fleet Admiral Lord Hood and the Arbiter to Ealen IV for peace talks. Commander Bradley was put in charge of the ship while Lasky went ground side. During the meeting Vata 'Gajat ambushed the delegates and jammed any signals, preventing Infinity from intervening. During the battle Captain Lasky and Spartan Naiya Ray destroyed the jammer, reestablishing a link to Infinity. Meanwhile, Bradley informed Lasky that the Sangheili and Jiralhanae were about to attack one another but Lasky was able to intervene and rallied them with Infinity. The ambassadors were kept safe but at the cost of Fireteam Bailey.

Oth Lodon[]

Main article: Oth Lodon Skirmish

After the Ven II ambush, Captain Lasky and Admiral Hood searched for the inside source. While Lasky searched clues about the ambushers, Vata 'Gajat Mercenary Group, Hood took the Infinity to investigate a derelict vessel, which was a trap ready to explode. After investigating the ship, clues about the whereabouts of UNSC Spirit of Fire were found. Following them blindly, Hood put the Infinity in the middle of a trap laid by Captain Daniel Clayton and Vata's group, near Oth Lodon. Only thanks to the intervention of Commander Palmer leading team Fireteam Majestic, after boarding a Covenant station, managed to defeat the Covenant mercenaries and save the Infinity.

Main article: Battle of Ven III

Two months after Oth Lodon's ambush, the Infinity was again repaired. After sending a reduced team of two Spartans to planet Ven III, by ONI's request, searching a Covenant bio weapon, the uncovered the presence of a Kig-Yar pirate nest. After a Spartan was captured, Captain Lasky send ground reinforcements and lead the Infinity to assist. After a hard ground and space battle, the prisoner was liberated, and the dangerous pirate group annihilated.

Absolute Record[]

Main article: Operation: ATHENA

After two short skirmishes against Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, in which the second half of Janus Key was recovered by Dr. Catherine Halsey, the ONI decided to launch Operation: ATHENA, to locate the Absolute Record, a Forerunner main control site. An infiltration team, lead by Commander Palmer, infiltrated in Jul 'Mdama's flagship, the Breath of Annihilation, but their original plan to call the Infinity after Jul and Halsey had located the Record, became impossible, so the team was forced to fight alone, managing to deny the Covenant the control of the Record and escape.

Post-Absolute Record[]

HWF Art-InfinityEscalationRefit

Infinity over Earth.

By October 17, 2558[26] Infinity had returned to Earth to receive a refit.[27] These changes saw some of the hull and weapons swapped out for parts originally intended for Infinity's sister ship, UNSC Eternity.[1]

Infinity would operate in a number of theaters and act as a mobile base for multiple battles and events during this time. Infinity was deployed to Kamchatka.[28] Blue Team would report to Infinity during the raid on Argent Moon.[29] The ship was also deployed to Sanghelios[30] to drop off Fireteam Osiris, Dr. Catherine Halsey and Spartan Sarah Palmer.[31]

The Reclamation[]

Main article: The Reclamation

When the Guardians were dispersed, Infinity was still in the Urs system. Upon the arrival of a second Guardian to Sanghelios, Infinity jumped back to Earth.[30] In orbit of Earth, Captain Lasky managed to get Infinity into slipspace just prior to the EMP wave of a Guardian there.[32]

Following this, the ship would start making random jumps before being contacted by Dr. Halsey on Sanghelios. After that, the Infinity planned to appear off the far side of Suban for 15 minutes to pick up Halsey, Palmer, Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team.[33]

Sometime after escaping Earth, Roland would respond to an SOS sent out by UNSC Sentry of El Morro. He would tell them that Infinity was on its way.[34]

Battle of Installation 07[]

The UNSC Infinity arrived at Installation 07, formally known as Zeta Halo, and was ambushed by a sizeable Banished fleet commanded by its leader, Atriox. The following battle resulted in heavy damage being inflicted to the Infinity, and was boarded by Atriox and his forces where they engaged UNSC forces in the supercarrier's hanger bays. John-117 fought Atriox, but was defeated. After several months, 117 was recovered from space by ECHO-216, who revealed to John that the UNSC lost the battle. The Battle of Zeta Halo resulted in the destruction of the UNSC Infinity, as well the death of 1,986 Infinity personal out of its crew size of 7,150. It's current whereabouts and ships status is unknown as well as it's Captain, Thomas Lasky, who managed to escape via a lifeboat.

Despite the loss, multiple UNSC forward operating bases had been established on Zeta Halo, but all UNSC forces were eventually overrun, with only a number of squads surviving by the time John reached the surface. A Spartan team from the UNSC Infinity managed to escape to the ring, but were hunted down. Several members were captured and killed.


“The ship is more than five kilometers long, and it has more compartments, rooms, and facilities than I care to count, much less name. Here's how I'd describe Infinity: It's long and gray and looks something like the barrel of a rifle, which, in part, isn't untrue. Infinity has more weapons than you can shake an energy sword at.”
— Spartan Edward Buck describing Infinity.[35]

Infinity was given "every scrap of Forerunner technology that the UNSC picked apart during the war."[13]

While the ship was built at the Special Assembly Plant Concord at the Sol system,[1] a multitude of different parts were manufactured by different companies. Materials Group built the armor,[3] Boglin Fields created the sublight engines,[4][36] Misriah Armory developed the shield Generator, and the Watershed Division (with the Office of Naval Intelligence) built the various parts of the science decks.[1]


At 5.7 kilometers long, Infinity is the largest ship in the UNSC Navy. It is even longer than a CAS-class assault carrier, which is 5.3 kilometers long from bow to stern.

Armament & Defense[]

Infinity's primary armament consists of four CR-03 Series-8 magnetic accelerator cannons. Infinity boasts a significant missile network that can be implemented for ship-to-ship combat, anti-air defense and orbital gunfire support for Marine forces. Placed throughout the ship are 1,100 missile pods of three types: Archer, Rapier, and Howler, totaling the ship's missile payload at 25,900 missiles.[3] Close-in defense against enemy missiles, fighters, and boarding craft is provided by the ship's M965 Fortress point defense system,[4] a network of 830 70mm automatic cannons.[3] It also has a number of Mark 2551 Portable Magnetic Accelerator Cannon placed along the ship.

The hull and shielding have been shown to be immensely powerful, as demonstrated when it rammed a RCS-class armored cruiser and destroyed it without even breaking its own shields.[21]


The engines are of Forerunner design, recovered from Trevelyan.

Artificial Intelligences[]

The UNSC Infinity featured a number of AIs. The ship director was Roland, a Volitional Artificial Intelligence. He managed all the other AIs on the ship including the expert systems and software constructs of the various ship compartments.[37]



  • S-Deck[3]
  • Memorial Park atrium[4]
  • Hangar 02 Level 2D[38]
  • Hangar Bay 11[29]



The total known estimate of Troops aboard Infinity is 7,150. This is spread out among an unknown amount of Spartans, 5,400 Marines, 750 Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, 800 UNSC Army Troopers, and 200 UNSC Air Force personnel.[1]


Infinity is capable of storing ten Strident-class heavy frigates[3][39] or 10 Anlace-class frigates[1] in its sub-vessel deployment bays along its ventral surface.[21] A total of 150 D79H-TC Pelicans or F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighters can be deployed. The Infinity carries eight D96-TCE Albatross as well.[1]

Infinity also contains a number of smaller shuttle craft and pods too including 329 R1295 Launching System/M9407 SOEIVs, 124 B854 Jettison Bays/M8823 HEVs, 8900 SKT-29 Class-8 EHL/Cs and 12,570 RLT-85 Emergency Shuttlepods.[3]

Ground Vehicles[]

Infinity carried a number of ground vehicles including 560 M12 FAVs, 10 M510 Mammoths,[1] and a number of M808B Main Battle Tanks, M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicles, and HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX ADSs.[17]

Known Complement[]



Marine Units[]


Spartan Units[]

Former Compliment[]


In total, the crew was about 11,112. This was composed of about 8,900 Naval Personnel, 1,700 ONI Personnel, 480 UEG Personnel, 24 Swords of Sanghelios, and 8 Special Assets.[1]

Known Crew[]


  • Captain Thomas Lasky- Commanding Officer 2557–Present
  • Lieutenant Commander Phillips
  • Lieutenant Cameron
  • Lieutenant James – Helmsmen
  • Lieutenant Jespersen - Communications
  • Lieutenant Priselkov
  • Lieutenant Ryder
  • Lieutenant Jet
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Campbell
  • Petty Officer Richardson
  • Master Chef Jonathan Lowell[3]
  • Chief Mechanized Repair Officer Gordon Kushner[3]
  • Weapon Officer Austen
  • Gomez
  • Roland – Shipboard AI

Infinity Science[]

Former Crew[]


Concept Art and Pre-Release Images[]

Overviews and Size Comparisons[]

Exterior Shots[]

Interior Shots[]



  • The final design for Infinity was supplied by Ansel Hsiao, a 3D artist who previously submitted artwork for the Star Wars guidebook The Essential Guide to Warfare.
  • In Episode 7 of Spartan Ops, UNSC Infinity is the only playable scene that does not take place on the surface of Requiem.
  • There are a number of Huragok assigned to Infinity.[citation needed]
  • Infinity breaks the ''tradition'' of major ships in the Halo series being severely damaged or outright destroyed by the end of the first game in which they appear.
  • Despite being listed as a Human prototype based on Forerunner tech, Infinity's Slipspace drive is stated by Dr. Glassman as well as Dr. Halsey as being entirely of Forerunner origin.



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