The UNSC Milwaukee was a Poseidon-class light carrier in service with the UNSC Navy.[1]

Operational HistoryEdit

By September of 2558, the Milwaukee was re-purposed as a large passenger ferry to and from Onyx. Molly Patel and several hundred passengers took the Milwaukee to reach Onyx at this time. During the trip, they recieved a briefing and presentation about Onyx from Director Hugo Barton.[1]



Slipspace TravelEdit

The Milwaukee was equipped with a reverse engineered Slipspace drive that allowed travel times to be reduced to mere hours.[1]


The Milwaukee lacked Cryo-chambers due to it's advanced slipspace drive. Instead, stadium styled seating was put in a large passenger cabin. The roof of the cabin had a polarizing roof, that could turn opaque or transparent.[1]


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