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The UNSC Monte Cassino is a destroyer in the UNSC Navy after the Human-Covenant war.

Operational HistoryEdit

The Monte Cassino was sent to the Insurrectionist colony-world Venezia in January 2553 to assist the UNSC Ariadne, a patrol ship which was having reactor problems. Monte Cassino arrived both to take on the Ariadne's crew and to rendezvous with the UNSC Port Stanley for a personel transfer. Venezia forbade the Ariadne from landing non-essential personel on the planet while they made repairs. Due to a five-hour Slipspace time-dilation delay, however, the Ariadne's reactor went critical before the Monte Cassino could arrive. All hands were lost. Monte Cassino's executive officer, Cerny, seemed to think the destruction was his fault and insisted on searching the debris field for survivors several times.

Venezia, however, grew paranoid as Monte Cassino drew too close to the planet and opened fire on them with a Covenant Type-38 Anti-Aircraft Cannon. The ship evaded the attack and returned fire with missiles, destroying the Tyrant cannon. Port Stanley then transfered an ONI civilian conulstant, Mike Spenser and a civilian, Tom Muir, who was the only survivor of the glassed colony-world New Llanelli, to Monte Cassino. The ship then returned to Earth.


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