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UNSC Nereid was a UNSC frigate.[1]

Operational History[edit | edit source]

In 2558, Commander Yates led the ship on a transport mission. Not equipped for warfare, it had only a small crew complement; a single platoon of marines and a group of civilian labourers on its manifest. When the Created began their takeover of the galaxy, the Nereid was stranded in space decades from any planet. With Yates drowning in the shower as a result of the loss of gravity, his chief engineer Lieutenant Commander Elaine Coffey risked all-out war with Major Kell Tanris over control of the ship. After several weeks without any rescue and failing to jump-start the slipspace drive, Coffey agreed to a plan to detonate a Hyperion nuclear warhead behind the ship in the hopes of being propelled further to their destination before food could run out. Already out of hope, Coffey did so knowing the warhead was too powerful but kept the fact hidden from the workers, likely resulting in the ship being destroyed by the weapon.

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