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The UNSC Pioneer is a Halberd-class destroyer of the UNSC Navy.

Operational History[]

In 2525, the Pioneer was the staging ship from which the SPARTAN-IIs conducted an operation against the Eridanus Rebels to capture Colonel Robert Watts in the Eridanus system. It was also responsible for picking up the SPARTANs whenever necessary.[2]


  • It is most likely named after the Pioneers of the old west on Earth. Or it was an early made vessel and was a "pioneer " of human space exploration.
  • The ship's ultimate fate is a mystery, but it may have been decommissioned or destroyed later during the War.



  1. Besides the coloration of the ship and the placement of the name, this ship is visually identical to the UNSC The Heart of Midlothian meaning it's of the same class.


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