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The UNSC Point of No Return is a stealth cruiser in the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence. It is one of the most advanced and secret ships ever built by the UNSC.


The Point of No Return is the wartime command and control platform for ONI Section Two. The existence of the vessel is highly classified: officially, the ship does not even exist. Very few have actually seen the ship, only a handful have ever been aboard, and less than twenty officers have access to its most sensitive areas.[2] The ship is crewed by people from all military branches of the UNSC and multiple artificial intelligences maintained solely by ONI.

Operational History[]

In 2531, Colonel James Ackerson met on Point of No Return with Captain Gibson, Rear Admiral Ned Rich, and Vice Admiral Margaret Parangosky to discuss the SPARTAN-II Program. They decided to grant Ackerson permission to begin the SPARTAN-III project.[3] Later, the ship retrieved Kurt-051 after he had been "killed" in action in the Groombridge 34 System.[4] During that operation to shut down a malfunctioning slipspace drive, Kurt noticed that the ship's holding cage was the size of a destroyer, though had the angles found on prowlers. He said it was an oxymoron; a large stealth ship.

In 2537, Admirals Rich and Parangosky met with Spartan-051 and Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez again to inform him that the SPARTAN-IIIs of Alpha Company had been killed and to begin training the SPARTAN-III Beta Company.[5]

The ship survived the Human-Covenant war. On December 31st, 2552, Codename: SURGEON filed a report to Codename: USUAL SUSPECTS entitled "Historical/Psychological Analysis of Cole, Preston J." The report was filed from UNSC Point of No Return in synchronous orbit on the far side of Luna. This was the last reported action of the ship, and its current whereabouts remain unknown.[6]


Technically considered a prowler, the Point of No Return is the largest ever built, easily the size of a UNSC destroyer. Constructed in parts and then assembled in deep space, the ship is completely radar invisible thanks to stealth ablative coating, and when her engines run below 30 percent she is as dark as interstellar space. It also contains a room called "Odin's Eye," a chamber surrounded by a Faraday cage that blocks all electronic signals.[2]



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