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“Is that the Prophecy? I can see why there were no survivors.”
— Professor Ellen Anders mistaking the UNSC Spirit of Fire for the Prophecy.

UNSC Prophecy was a Marathon-class heavy cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy.[1] Captain James Cutter refused the position of Prophecy's Commanding Officer for the chance to command UNSC Spirit of Fire.

Prophecy was heavily damaged during the ongoing battle for Harvest, forcing all its crew to evacuate the ship in lifepods. Unfortunately, the lifepods were caught in the radiation pulse of the ships engines. Half of those were subjected to extreme amounts of radiation, managing barely to survive, while the other half were killed.[2] The lifepods were picked up by UNSC Spirit of Fire, where the survivors were made comfortable. All died slow agonizing deaths, with no spare morphine to ease their pain. Sergeant John Forge was sent aboard the ship in a Pelican with his squad to recover survivors, but was redirected by Serina to purge its NAV database. The ship's AI, FitzGibbon, prevented Forge from accessing the database because of his unprofessional record, but eventually relented when informed that his actions breached the Cole Protocol. Allowing Forge to purge the database, FitzGibbon then initiated a self-destruct sequence, destroying the ship to deny its access to the Covenant.

An ONI Prowler was present when Prophecy was damaged, but refused to help because the radiation emissions would have compromised their stealth systems, rendering their only tactical advantage moot. The survivors were also deemed to be a lost cause, the radiation doses they had received were too much to survive. Such a callous assessment of living humans greatly upset Captain James Cutter.[3]



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