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The UNSC Red Horse was a Prowler in the UNSC Navy. It was captained by Tobias Foucault.

Operational History[]

It was sent in October 2552 to survey the debris field of the destroyed Installation 04. It arrived in-system some time after the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice and High Charity had departed.[1]

While stationed at the derelict Installation 04, the Red Horse's crew picked up several escape pods and cryo chambers from the Mona Lisa, a prisoner transport. None of the occupants were alive, except for one man who had managed to escape from the prison ship; however, he died soon after being rescued. Foucault was ordered to send a squad of 18 marines to the Mona Lisa to investigate. However, a Covenant ship soon arrived, making any backup impossible. Eventually, it was discovered that the Mona Lisa had been overcome by a strange infection. The Red Horse was forced to destroy the prison ship with Shiva nuclear missiles.[1] While orbiting Threshold, they found conclusive scans of a gas mine dubbed Colossus. These scans were used to create a War Games simulation.[2]

The prowler had a six-year old onboard Artificial intelligence called Rebecca, which, right before the mission, had replaced Chauncey, the ship's more likable, fully functional, three-year old A.I.[1]



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