UNSC Roman Blue was a Halcyon-class light cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy around 2531.

Operational HistoryEdit


In November 2530, Captain James Cutter gave command of UNSC Roman Blue to his executive officer, Lord Terrence Hood.

In February 2531, during the Battle of Arcadia, the ship was tasked with retrieving a log buoy dropped by UNSC Spirit of Fire and to avoid combat, as Arcadia was deemed a lost cause. However, in a fit of pride, then Captain Lord Terrence Hood attempted to take revenge for all the fallen colonies and ordered the crew to attack the CPV-class heavy destroyer Radiant Perception. Roman Blue was outmatched and forced to retreat without retrieving the log, thus leaving no chance of rescue for the Spirit of Fire and her crew.[2] Following the mission failure, Hood was transferred to the support frigate UNSC Burlington, with command of the Roman Blue being handed over to Captain William Webb.


In 2535, the Roman Blue was part of Vice Admiral Jean Mawikizi's fleet formed to protect Chi Rho when it became clear the Covenant were close to finding it. During the battle, the Roman Blue was cut in half by an energy beam and its front quarter crashed on the moon Eiro.[3]

Attempted SalvageEdit

In January 2557, Rion Forge was informed of a wreckage on the moon of Chi Rho by Rouse. Rion had hoped to find the Spirit of Fire, the ship her father had served on. Rion and the crew of the Ace of Spades found the front quarter buried in snow, they intended to salvage items from the armory, Med bay and Cryo unit. Rion salvaged the logs of Captain William Webb. A log dated 10 March 2031 stated that the Roman Blue had been undergoing repairs, that he was made to witness Lord Terrence Hood receiving a dressing down from the Admiral and then referenced the Spirit of Fire, the ship Rion's father served on. After listening to the log The Roman Blue came under fire from ordinance. The team managed to escape back to the Ace of Spades leaving Rion behind on the Roman Blue. Rion managed to escape to a safe distance as a concentrated plasma beam destroyed what remained of the Roman Blue leaving only debris.[4]



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