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UNSC Say My Name (HCS: CA-942)[5] was a Marathon-class heavy cruiser[Note 2] in service with the Fifth Fleet of the UNSC Navy.[3] The Say My Name was under the command of an Unnamed Admiral.[2]

Operational History[]

Early Service[]

The UNSC Say My Name fought during the Harvest Campaign. It would be one of two ships that was deployed to the campaign and survived all the way to 2552.[6]

Battle of Earth[]

Main article: Battle of Earth

During the initial attack in the Battle of Earth, the CAS-class assault carrier Solemn Penance, carrying the Prophet of Regret, broke through orbital defenses, and came to stop above the city of New Mombasa. A plan had put into place that caught the commanding officer of Say My Name off-guard; deploy ODST squads onto Regret's flagship, breaching its hull and gaining access to the interior.[3] This attempt was foiled when the carrier jumped into Slipspace.[7]


The Say My Name carried a large compliment drop ready of ODSTs.[7]

Known Compliment[]


Known Crew[]


Former Crew[]


  • Say My Name is the only Marathon-class heavy cruiser to which a detailed look of the inside has been given, even if it is only the HEV bay.


Concept Art[]

Interior Shots[]




  1. On the Wayppoint article, it mentions that the Say My Name was part of the group of eight cruisers seen at the beginning of Halo 2. This grouping of ships has since been retconned to be the Fifth Fleet.
  2. There has been some confusion whether the Say My Name is a Heavy Cruiser or a Heavy Frigate. In its first appearance in the Superintendent viral campaign, the ship is classified as a cruiser, while in Dare's character profile in Halo 3: ODST and Halo 3: ODST Official Strategy Guide, it's referred to as a frigate. However, in the ship's intel page on Halo Waypoint, it is established to be one of the Marathon-class heavy cruisers in the Fifth Fleet during the start of the Battle of Earth.


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