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The UNSC Security Council[1] is the governing body for the UNSC. As an emergency military government, the Security Council is mostly made up of military personnel, tasked with governing Earth and other UNSC colonies and coordinating the operations of the UNSCDF. It seems to have superseded the Unified Earth Government, formed after the Interplanetary War, as Humanity's overall governing body. However, it is apparently beneath the UNSC Security Committee. The fact that the Security Council is guarded by UNSC Marines suggests that it is mostly centered around naval operations.

The Security Council is apparently based in Sydney, Australia, deep underneath UNSC HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6. It was mentioned during a meeting of the UNSC Security Committee, presumed to be an independent administrative military branch.

The UNSC Security Council is likely to be similar to the UN Security Council prior to the formation of the UEG. The fact that James Ackerson, a Colonel in the UNSC Army, is a member indicates that military personnel may serve on it as well.

The fact that Australia apparently suffered a disaster of some sort renders the fate of the UNSC Security Council unknown, although at the very least Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood survives.

Known Members[]

UNSC Security Committee[]

“No one kept the Security Committee for the UNSC waiting.”

The UNSC Security Committee is a committee of the UNSC High Command based in Sydney, Australia that helps run the UNSC Defense Force. Their meeting room is at the bottom of the underground chamber of HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 and contains a crescent-shaped table behind double doors guarded by two battle-ready MPs.[2]

As of 3 March 2558, known members of the committee included the following:




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