The UNSC Skidbladnir was a Phoenix-class colony ship used to colonize the planet Harvest.[1] Its onboard AI construct was Loki.

Once the initial colony on Harvest was established, Skidbladnir remained in orbit for more than a year to assist in the construction of the basic infrastructure for the Tiara and its seven space elevators. Once the task was completed, the ship landed on the planet's surface and was scrapped for materials. The ship's power plant was then used to power the capital city of Utgard.[2]

After the Skidbladnir was scrapped, Loki was converted into Mack, the AI in charge of agriculture on Harvest.


  • In the Norse mythology, Skidbladnir was the ship ordered built by Loki and subsequently given to Freyr as part of Loki's recompense for stealing Sif's golden hair. The ship was big enough to fit all gods and yet small enough to fit in a pocket.


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