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UNSC Starships were Human Starships operated by the United Nations Space Command. The UNSC operated these starships through several different branches.



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The time of the Insurrection saw a number of class additions and developments to the UNSC's fleet. In 2493, the Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser entered service. Though serious cost problems over five years cast doubt in the class' future.[1] At some point in the Insurrection, a new carrier, the Orion-class assault carrier, was built to help with ground operations.[2] One of the last known class additions during the Insurrection was the Halcyon-class light cruiser. In 2510, the class first entered service.[3]

Human-Covenant war[]

HFB Cover Punic

A few UNSC starship classes during the Human-Covenant war.

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CAA and CMA Absorption[]

In 2525, the UNSC would strip away the CMA's naval resources and give them to NAVCOM.[4] As well, the UNSC would begin to take over the Colonial Administration Authority in the midst of the Human-Covenant war. With these additions, the UNSC received several different types of ships. This included the CAA's Springhill-class mining vessel[5][6] and the Diligence-class from the CMA.[7] Both of which would be brought back to service or continued service such as with the UNSC Kronstadt and the CAA Heavy Burden.

Fall of Reach[]

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With 152 ships present at the battle,[8] a large number of these ships were destroyed. This included many capital ships such as the UNSC Trafalgar, the flagship of the Epsilon Eridani Fleet and pride of the Navy.[9]

Earth and the End of the War[]

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Starting September 5, 2552 all remaining UNSC starships and their fleets were consolidated under a single command grouping under the UNSC Home Fleet.[10] By the end of the war, the plethora of UNSC starships had been reduced to only a few hundred.[11]


UNSC Infinity and Autumn Cruisers

The UNSC Infinity-class supercarrier, the largest UNSC vessel, and the Autumn-class heavy cruiser.

Following the Human-Covenant war, the surviving UNSC starships were brought back to Sol to be repaired, refitted and counted.[11]

A variety of starship classes and several ship improvements that were created during the war finally became commonplace. The Autumn-class heavy cruiser, the Strident-class heavy frigate and the Infinity-class supercarrier were all added to the fleet. All three have shielding,[12][13] an unprecedented addition to UNSC ships.

As part of ongoing offenses, UNSC Strident-class frigates and Anlace-class frigates were being deployed to the Outer Colonies to route out Covenant remnant occupiers.[14]

The Reclamation[]

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At the beginning of the Reclamation, many UNSC starships were disabled by Guardians under the control of the Created.[15] Some ships, were likely ripped out of Slipstream Space with the activation of the Guardians, like the UNSC Nereid.[16]



In the UNSC, ships can also be operated by different departments and branches. Warships like the UNSC In Amber Clad were operated by the UNSC Navy.[17] Smaller craft were often operated by other branches or were overlapped with another branch. The F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighter, for example, was operated by the UNSC Air Force.[18] The UNSC Department of Commercial Shipping also operated a number of Freighters.

Tactical Groupings[]

UNSC ships were organized into fleets and further down into Battlegroups. Alternatively, ships could be organized into Flotillas.


There were a few known ways of identifying UNSC ships. There was the Hull classification symbol, which gives each ship a letter classification and a number. There was the ship emblem, which was a unique image that was special to each ship.

Some warships also used the UNSC REG system, which was also a special serial number.[19][20] There was also the UNc system, which had an unknown meaning.[20]

The UNSC Department of Commercial Shipping operated its own identification codes for freighters that were primarily used in COM transmissions.[21]


The leader of a UNSC starship, like other human starships, is referred to as a Captain regardless of actual rank.[22] Common ranks of this position include Commander (ex: Miranda Keyes, Richard Lash) and Captain (ex: Jacob Keyes, James Cutter).


A number of corporations helped construct UNSC ships. Some of these manufacturers include Sinoviet Heavy Machinery, Aerofabrique SA and TanSec AB.

Design guidelines for ships emphasize that the command crew should have visibility of the surrounding exterior area of the ship. This is usually achieved through windows on the bridge.[23]

UNSC ships have an internal deck naming structure. On most ships, the Hangar deck is considered Zero Deck. Decks below that are "belowdeck" and are numbered in descending order starting at First Deck. Everything above the hangar deck is a "level", starting at Level One and going in an ascending order.[24]


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UNSC Starships were often given a Ship Director, an AI who could manage much of the ship's tasks with the Captain's authority. Generally, these AI were "Smart".[25]



Main article: Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

A Charon-class light frigate firing its MAC.

MACs are massive coil guns that are used to accelerate projectiles ranging in mass from 600 tons to 3,000 tons, at extremely high velocities. These projectiles are composed of Titanium-A, depleted Uranium, and/or Tungsten with a ferrous (iron) core. They also super heat the metal slugs to make it easier for them to penetrate a target. Super MAC platforms accelerate MAC rounds to over "point four-tenths" the speed of light[26] (12,000 kilometers per second) with twenty-three linear accelerator coils, while ship-based MACs have a lower velocity. Super MAC platforms can also reload a round in 5 seconds, whereas the smaller capital ships will need several minutes.

The UNSC frigate UNSC Gettysburg is quoted as firing a 600-ton round at 30 kilometers per second. Before Reach fell, UNSC Pillar of Autumn was equipped with a modified MAC that could quickly fire three lighter projectiles in succession instead of just one heavier projectile. It was originally intended to allow Pillar of Autumn a better chance of disabling a Covenant ship, which was a feature required for a mission that was later scrubbed following the Fall of Reach.

UNSC Infinity has miniature MAC guns along its hull, to compliment its built in, larger MAC guns.

Missile Batteries[]

UNSC ships generally carry an array of missile batteries. Most UNSC ships carry Archer Missiles in one of many pods. These include the M58 Archer Missile Delivery System and the M42 Archer Missile Delivery System. These were complemented with Fusion rockets.

A common tactic among UNSC ships was to disable the target's shields with MAC rounds and then pummel it with Archer missiles.

Point Defense Batteries[]

Reach 3003793 Full

The UNSC Savannah firing its M910 Rampart guns.

Point defense batteries were common on UNSC warships. Some of these batteries include the M910 Rampart, the M870 Rampart, the M710 Bulwark, and the Mark 57 Arena.

Nuclear Weapons[]

UNSC warships usually contain nuclear weapons of some sort. Generally they were the Shiva-class nuclear missile.[27] Though, in the post-war era, UNSC ships generally use the M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery System.



The UNSC operates several types of starfighters. The most common being the GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor. The YSS-1000 Sabre was a secretive starfighter that was mostly used in the Inner colonies. The F-41 Broadsword XMSF was a mainline starfighter that lacked the technology of the Sabre.


D77H-TCI Pelican Gunship

D77H-TCI, a model of the ever present Pelican Dropship.

Main article: Dropship

The most common dropships in the UNSC were the Pelicans. This included the D77-TC Pelican, D78-TC Pelican and the D79H-TC Pelican. Heavier dropships were also used such as the D81-LRT Condor, the D82-EST Darter, and the D96-TCE Albatross. The largest of which was the D20 Heron. The UNSC also had dropship escape pods, the Class-3 Bumblebee.

Colony Starships[]

The UNSC also operated a colony ship class, the Phoenix-class colony ship.

Support Starships[]

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Several types of support ships that were used include the stealthy Prowler and its subtypes. Other stealth ship classes existed including the Chiroptera-class stealth vessel. There was also the incredibly small UNSC sloop. To assist in fleet actions, there was the UNSC Shield-Generator Ship. Another type of ship that was used by the UNSC included the Calypso-class exfiltration craft. Following the UNSC's take over of the CAA, the Springhill-class mining vessel helped build materiel for UNSC forces.

Light Warships[]

Main article: Light capital warship

The UNSC also operated several types of lighter warships including the UNSC frigate, the UNSC corvette, and the UNSC destroyer. One large stealthy class of light warship is the Stealth Cruiser.

SpartanGames Render-Comparison Epoch-Marathon-Paris-Model SideView

A few UNSC capital ships and their sizes

Heavy Capital Warships[]

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The UNSC had a few different types of Heavy warships including the UNSC cruiser and the UNSC carrier. The largest carrier class, the Infinity-class , was also the largest ship class in the UNSC's history. The Vindication-class was unique as it was a Battleship, an uncommon type in UNSC ships.


ONI's Reverse Engineering and Prototyping - Xenotechnology have recovered, refit and begun testing on multiple Covenant Starships.[28]

List of UNSC Starships[]

The following is a list of the starships that belong to and are used by the United Nations Space Command.


Class Ship Name Status
Epoch-class heavy carrier UNSC Epoch Unknown
UNSC Atlas Unknown
Infinity-class supercarrier UNSC Eternity Not Completed
UNSC Infinity Destroyed
Orion-class assault carrier UNSC Orion Unknown
Phoenix-class carrier UNSC Spirit of Fire Active but officially listed as lost with all hands.
Poseidon-class light carrier UNSC Milwaukee Active
UNSC Poseidon Unknown
Punic-class supercarrier UNSC Punic Unknown
UNSC Trafalgar Destroyed
Unknown UNSC All Under Heaven Unknown
UNSC Magellan Unknown
UNSC Musashi Destroyed
UNSC Stalingrad Destroyed
UNSC Totem Lake Destroyed
UNSC Witness Unknown


Class Ship Name Status
Marathon-class heavy cruiser UNSC Canberra Unknown
UNSC Dresden Destroyed
UNSC Hannibal Destroyed
UNSC Io Destroyed
UNSC Leviathan Unknown, presumed destroyed
UNSC Marathon Unknown
UNSC Prophecy Destroyed
UNSC Say My Name Unknown, presumed Destroyed
Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Constantinople Destroyed
UNSC Dawn Under Heaven Destroyed
UNSC Halcyon Unknown
UNSC Pillar of Autumn Destroyed
UNSC Roman Blue Crashed on Eiro.
UNSC Toulouse Unknown
Autumn-class heavy cruiser UNSC Euclid's Anvil Active
UNSC Pillar of Autumn II Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Song of the East Active
UNSC Unto the Breach Active
Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser UNSC Everest Unknown, presumed destroyed/AWOL
UNSC Valiant Unknown
Heavy Cruiser UNSC Matador Destroyed
UNSC Swiftsure Unknown
UNSC Weeping Willows Destroyed
Unknown UNSC Chares Unknown
UNSC Endeavor Unknown


Class Ship Name Status
Diligence-class destroyer UNSC Diligence Unknown
UNSC Kronstadt Unknown, presumed active
Gorgon-class heavy destroyer UNSC Gorgon Unknown
Halberd-class destroyer UNSC Iroquois Unknown, presumed destroyed
UNSC Halberd Unknown
UNSC The Heart of Midlothian Destroyed
UNSC Herodotus Heavily damaged
UNSC Pioneer Unknown
Hillsborough-class destroyer UNSC Hillsborough Unknown
Unknown UNSC Agincourt Destroyed
UNSC Armageddon's Edge Unknown
UNSC Brasidas Destroyed
UNSC Calcutta Unknown
UNSC Clearidas Unknown, presumed active
UNSC Do You Feel Lucky? Destroyed
UNSC Glasgow Kiss Destroyed
UNSC Iwo Jima Destroyed
UNSC Jericho Heavily damaged
UNSC Lancelot Unknown, presumed destroyed
UNSC Las Vegas Unknown
UNSC Majestic Unknown
UNSC Minotaur Destroyed
UNSC Persephone Unknown, presumed destroyed
UNSC Resolute Unknown
UNSC Seattle Moderately damaged
UNSC Tharsis Destroyed
UNSC Thermopylae Moderately damaged


Class Ship Name Status
Anlace-class frigate UNSC Anlace Unknown
Charon-class light frigate UNSC Aegis Fate Active
UNSC Bellerophon Captured by Insurrectionists, renamed Bellicose.
UNSC Charon Unknown
UNSC Chioglossa Destroyed
UNSC Forward Unto Dawn Destroyed
Unnamed frigate Unknown
Paris-class heavy frigate UNSC Commonwealth Decommissioned, in process of being scrapped during Fall of Reach.
UNSC Cascadia Unknown
UNSC Gettysburg Unknown
UNSC Grafton Destroyed
UNSC Paris Unknown
UNSC Saratoga Unknown
UNSC Savannah Destroyed
UNSC Virginia Capes Destroyed
Strident-class heavy frigate UNSC Strident Unknown
Stalwart-class light frigate UNSC In Amber Clad Destroyed
UNSC Stalwart Dawn Unknown
Unknown UNSC Allegiance Destroyed
UNSC Buenos Aires Destroyed
UNSC Burlington Unknown
UNSC Euphrates Presumed destroyed
UNSC Fair Weather Destroyed
UNSC Meriwether Lewis Probably Destroyed
UNSC Midsummer Night Heavily Damaged
UNSC Nereid Likely destroyed
UNSC Plateau Likely destroyed
UNSC Providence Destroyed
UNSC Purpose Destroyed
UNSC Ready or Not Presumed Active
UNSC Redoubtable Presumed Destroyed
UNSC Swift Justice Unknown
UNSC Tannenberg Presumed Destroyed
UNSC Tripping Light Decommissioned


Class Ship Name Status
Eclipse-class light prowler UNSC Eclipse Unknown
Razor-class light prowler UNSC Black Widow Unknown
UNSC Ghost Song Unknown
UNSC Razor's Edge Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Starry Night Unknown
Sahara-class heavy prowler UNSC Aladdin Active
UNSC Dusk Unknown, likely active
UNSC Port Stanley Active
UNSC Sahara Unknown
UNSC Silent Joe Unknown, likely active
Winter-class light prowler ONI Acrisius Abandoned on Meridian. Likely destroyed or inoperable.
UNSC Fast Gus Unknown
UNSC Winter Unknown
Point Blank-class Stealth Cruiser UNSC Point Blank Unknown
UNSC Vanishing Point Unknown
Stealth Cruiser UNSC Point of No Return Active
Unidentified prowler class UNSC Circumference Destroyed
UNSC Red Horse Unknown, presumed Active
Unknown UNSC Apocalypso Destroyed
UNSC Applebee Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Athens Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Edge of Umbra Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC From the Ashes Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Ghost Star Unknown
UNSC Ghost Wind Unknown
UNSC Lark Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Last Gleaming Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Night Watch Unknown
UNSC Rubicon Missing
UNSC Taurokado Active
UNSC Tokyo Rules Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Wink of an Eye Unknown, presumed Active


Class Ship Name Status
Gladius-class corvette UNSC Gladius Unknown
UNSC Sagan Blue Unknown, presumed Active
Fast-attack Corvette UNSC Two for Flinching Unknown, presumed Active
Unknown UNSC Bum Rush Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Callisto Unknown, presumed Scrapped
UNSC Chalons Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Coral Sea Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Pony Express Unknown, presumed Active
UNSC Glamorgan Active

Colony Ships[]

Class Ship Name Status
Phoenix-class colony ship UNSC Phoenix Unknown
UNSC Skidbladnir Scrapped in colonization of Harvest

Cargo and Transportation Ships[]

Class Ship Name Status
Ammunition Ship UNSC Diadochi Crashed on what became Partition
UNSC Taulanti Attacked in 2553. Unknown status after
Cargo ship UNSC Dartmouth Destroyed
Cargo Freighter UNSC Onan Unknown
Mona Lisa Converted to a prison transport, Destroyed
Diplomatic Shuttle Han Unknown
UNSC passenger schooner UNSC Donoma Boarded and destroyed
UNSC Santori Unknown

Other Ships[]

Class Ship Name Status
Chiroptera-class Stealth Vessel Beatrice Decommissioned, later destroyed
UNSC Chiroptera Unknown
Vindication-class light battleship UNSC Vindication Unknown
Auxiliary Vessel UNSC Belleisle Active
UNSC Dunedin Active
Exploration UNSC Gannick Unknown, likely settled on Gannick 22
ONI Prospecting Vessel Long Time Coming Destroyed
ONI Sloop UNSC Walk of Shame Unknown, presumed active
Patrol Ship UNSC Ariadne Destroyed
Surveying Shuttle UNSC Iceni Active
Science Vessel UNSC Hilbert Destroyed
Stealth Ship UNSC Silberg Unknown
Shuttle Pod Coda Destroyed
Unknown UNSC Abstract Endurance Unknown, Ship Director defected to Created.
UNSC Accra Destroyed
UNSC Agincourt Destroyed
UNSC Armstrong Heavily damaged
UNSC Austerlitz Destroyed
UNSC Basra Destroyed
UNSC Belfast Destroyed
UNSC Brilliant Shores Unknown
UNSC Bunker Hill Unknown
UNSC Buteo's Talon Active
UNSC Campo Grande Destroyed
UNSC Chevalier Unknown
UNSC Eminent Domain Destroyed
UNSC Excellence Destroyed
UNSC Final Summit Unknown
UNSC Glasgow Unknown
UNSC Herald Unknown
UNSC Hermes II Unknown
UNSC Lance Held High Destroyed
UNSC Lowrentz Destroyed
UNSC Maelstrom Destroyed
UNSC Melbourne's Pride Unknown. Ship Director defected to Created.
UNSC Midway Destroyed
UNSC Of Uncommon Courage Destroyed
ONI PRO-49776 Unknown
UNSC Pompadour Unknown
UNSC Resolute Harmony Unknown. Ship Director defected to Created.
UNSC Sacramento Destroyed
UNSC Sentry of El Morro Unknown
UNSC Sevenfold Gates Unknown
UNSC Texas Destroyed
UNSC Tharsis Destroyed
UNSC Troy Destroyed
UNSC Verdant Sumerian Unknown. Ship Director defected to Created.
UNSC Vociferous Unknown
UNSC Waterloo Destroyed
UNSC Welcome to the Snipehunt Active
UNSC Witch Bucket Unknown


Concept art[]



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