A Heavy Supply Pad for the UNSC

The base is up and running again. We need supply pads built, so I can send down materials.”

Supply Pads form the backbone of many UNSC bases, and are crucial to the smooth operation of any base. They not only provide access to the underground assembly and storage areas of the base, but also everything from medical kits to full-sized Warthog engines. The crew of a well run supply pad knows that a working pad means a working base.[1] Supply pads are supported by D82-EST Darter dropships.

The Supply Pad can be upgraded to a Heavy Supply Pad, which greatly increases resource production.[2]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Supply Pad: cost 100 resources to build. Brings in resources.

Heavy Supply Pad: cost 225 resources to upgrade and requires tech level of one.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Supply Pads perform the same function as the Forerunner Supply Elevator, and the Covenant Warehouse.
  • Sergeant Forge's Supply Pads start as Heavy Supply Pads, whereas other commanders must upgrade them for 225 resources.
  • As more supply pads are built, their net resource production is increased but the resources PER supply pad is decreased. For example, one upgraded supply pad brings 3 resources per second. Two will bring about 5 resources per second. Eight will bring about 12 resources per second. As you build more supply pads, it will take longer and longer for it to pay for itself. After 6 upgraded supply pads, money is better spent on newer units than more supply pads. This also holds true for warehouses.
  • A glitch exists where if you self-destruct a supply pad (or Warehouse for that matter), your other supply pads will not grant you the same amount of supplies as they should. To make the glitch go away, either upgrade a different supply pad or build another one. You can also start production of a supply pad and then immediately cancel it to negate the glitch. The glitch may also go into effect if a supply pad is destroyed in general.

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