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The UNSC corvette[2][3] is a Light Capital Warship classification in the UNSC Navy.[4][5] Known subclasses of the corvette include the Mako-class corvette,[6] the Fast-attack corvette,[7] and the Gladius-class corvette.[8]

Class History[]

UNSC corvettes have been in use during both the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant war. Several Mako-class corvettes were used by the Eridanus Rebels as part of their improvised fleet. The UNSC used corvettes in multiple battles of the Human-Covenant War, including the Battle of Reach[5] and the Battle of Earth.[2]


The Corvettes are the smallest class of warship in the UNSC Navy, and do not carry any fighters. Fast-attack corvettes are known to have a modest hangar bay with room for only one SKT-13 Shuttlecraft, basically a larger version of the Bumblebee Lifeboat, used to ferry UNSC material and personnel to and from various locations or ships.[9] The corvettes are also known as being one of the fastest ships in the UNSC Navy.[10] Like most other Slipspace-capable UNSC ships, corvettes possess Cryo-bays.[7] While fast these ships do not possess the sufficient armament to hold their own against Covenant warships independently, thus their role is more screening, patrol, reconnaissance, where combat is expected operating in packs is more ensured method of survival.

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