The UNSC cruiser is a type of starship in service with the UNSC Navy.

Class HistoryEdit


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2493 saw the creation of the Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser. Though it's longevity was thrown into question early on. However, the class did survive to fight in Operation: TREBUCHET.[8] In 2510, the Halcyon-class light cruiser was first created.[2][3]

Human-Covenant warEdit

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During the Human-Covenant war, many Halcyons were refit and rescheduled for service.[3] By the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, only 20 Marathons were left in service within the UNSC Navy.[9]


Very few cruisers actually survived the war.[7] The Halcyons and Marathons were either all destroyed or decommissioned, being replaced by the Autumn-class,[5] as well as several other designs.[7]



The longest of the classes is the Valiant-class coming in at 1,518 metres (4,980 ft),[4] followed by the Autumn-class at 1,425 metres (4,680 ft),[5] then the Marathon-class at 1,192 metres (3,910 ft),[4] and finally, the Halcyon-class, the smallest, at 1,170 metres (3,800 ft).[6]

Mass wise, the Halcyon was said to be one-third the tonnage of the Marathon.[3]

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