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The UNSC stealth cruiser is a class of United Nations Space Command starship classification.

Design details[]

Design details[]

The UNSC Point of No Return was constructed in parts and then assembled in deep space. It was completely radar-invisible and when the baffled engines ran below 30%, the craft was dark as interstellar space. This ship was the wartime field command and control platform for the UNSC Naval Intelligence units, specifically ONI Section-3. Very few people have ever seen the ship and even fewer have actually been aboard this vessel.[2][2]


The inside of the ship was just as mysterious, with stainless-steel walls brushed to a white reflective shield, as was most of the ship's insides. The floors oddly enough weren't the same white color as the walls, being described as metal grates. It also contained a conference room that acted as a Faraday cage, completely sealed off from the rest of the ship, known as "The Cage" or "Odin's Eye;[3] where meetings of an extremely classified nature could be conducted in absolute secrecy.

Development history[]

Stealth cruisers are the largest prowler-class vessels built, the length of a UNSC destroyer. There has been only one known ship of the class in active service, the UNSC Point of No Return, due primarily to the sheer expense of manufacturing and maintaining the stealth ablative coating that rendered it invisible from radar, other sensors, and limited visual camouflage.[2]

However, while the Point of No Return was in service, Kurt-051 along with two of his fellow Spartan-II's saw the construction cradle that was being used to construct a second stealth cruiser at Station Delphi.[4]



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