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The Ukala Workshop Spike Revolver, commonly known as the Mangler, is a Brute-manufactured weapon used by the Banished.[1] It is a bulky revolver-type handgun that fires large spikes in a semi-automatic fashion. The front of the weapon is adorned with two tusk-like bayonets.

The weapon is primarily wielded by standard Brute units and Skirmishers, although it can rarely appear being wielded by other standard Banished units, as well as carried on the weapon racks worn by some Grunts.


Standard Mangler

Standard Mangler

“Powerful semi-automatic Brute revolver that fires spikes at medium range. — In-game Description”

The Mangler has an 8-round magazine, and can store up to 48 additional ammo. Its ammo type is Kinetic and thus can be refilled using the appropriate ammo station.

The weapon's projectiles fire out quickly and are capable of dealing tremendous damage at close-to-midrange. However, the projectiles suffer a harsh damage and speed falloff outside their effective range; the spikes will start to rapidly drop in altitude and speed, forcing players to arc and lead their shots to compensate. Headshots are possible at long ranges, and are the only way to single-shot certain enemies beyond effective range.

The weapon is powerful but requires calculated aim to make the most of it. Additionally, the blades on the gun seem to net it higher melee damage, making it a great took for close-quarters. However, stronger enemies may not buckle to it so easily, forcing the player to pick their fights carefully.

Jackal and Skirmisher shields can prove troublesome, as the Mangler does pitiful damage to them.

Riven Mangler

Riven Variant

Riven Mangler[]

The Riven Mangler is a unique white-painted variant of the Mangler that was modified by Balkarus. Upon defeating the high-ranking Brute, the weapon will be available for pick-up, and its blueprint will be added to the players' FOBs.

The Riven is notably stronger than the standard variant, capable of killing Brutes and Elites in as little as two shots, but comes at the cost of a slightly lower rate of fire, and an even worse falloff outside of its effective range. The device uses unique splitter ammunition that breaks into fragments after being fired. The spread prevents the gun from being effective at long ranges, however, up close, landing a meatshot can be devastating.

Because of its unique ammo, it cannot be resupplied by normal means. The only way to refill it is to pick up another Riven from the FOB after acquiring it.


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