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In part two of Isabel's plan, Jerome and Isabel infiltrate a Banished compound and prepare to enter the belly of the beast.

Under the Dark is the ninth level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign.


While attempting to escort Isabel to The Enduring Conviction, Spartan Jerome-092's pelican is shot out of the sky by Banished anti-air placements set up around the gravity lift of the carrier. It crashes not far from the gravity lift site and Jerome emerges from the wreckage with both him and Isabel intact. He finds himself joined by a squad of snipers and he decides getting to the gravity lift by air isn't an option while the anti air guns are still active, so he must build up a ground force strong enough to take them out and buy him enough time to enter.

The small UNSC infantry force make their way through groups of Banished infantry, including a Brute Warlord, until they discover a Banished Stronghold. Captain Cutter deploys three Kodiaks onto the battlefield and informs Jerome that he needs to get a ground force near to the Stronghold to spot it for the Kodiaks. Once the stronghold is destroyed by the Kodiaks, Alice-130 is deployed on the opposite side of the gravity lift and her objective is to ferry three Kodiaks to specific locations in the area that will, once deployed, put them in adequate range of the Banished anti air placement so they can destroy it.

The Banished put up a strong fight with a large ground force consisting of infantry and small to large vehicles but the UNSC prevail and get the Kodiaks into position. Once the anti air guns are destroyed Jerome and Isabel board The Enduring Conviction. Jerome inserts Isabel into the ships system and she attempts to gain control of the cleansing beam, while Jerome defends her from an onslaught of Elites and Brutes. Eventually she succeeds, allowing her to glass the Banished forces below, as well as The Ark.

This causes the Ark's defence system to activate, releasing sentinels that immediately engage with the Enduring Conviction, they proceed to cut right through it after just a few minutes, destroying the ship and causing it to fall from the sky. Jerome unplugs Isabel from the mainframe of the ship and thinking quickly, realises that their best bet of survival is to leap out from the falling ship and return to the surface.

Atriox and Let 'Volir witness the crash from afar. Atriox is enraged at the loss of the ship and the large amount of elite mercenaries on board, however Let 'Volir assures him despite the loss, he still has enough soldiers for the Banished to continue fighting on the Ark.




Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt AndTheKnockoutPunch And the knockout punch Completed Under the Dark 10G