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The Unflinching Resolve was a frigate-class vessel in the Covenant Navy under the command of Shipmaster Buran 'Utaral.

Operation HistoryEdit

Details regarding the ship prior to the Human-Covenant war are not known. However, following the Great Schism, the Unflinching Resolve was brought back to Sanghelios and docked at an orbital shipyard.

After the Arbiter's decision to sign a peace treaty with Humanity, the Servants of the Abiding Truth and their followers commandeered the Unflinching Resolve from the shipyard with the help of Avu Med 'Telcam, Jul 'Mdama, Buran, Forze and two loyal Jiralhanae.

The party claimed to be taking the ship out on a regular run, but then dropped out of sensor range and headed directly for a quarry in the 'Mdama Keep's area. The ship was placed there until the time came for the uprising against the Arbiter. It was destroyed during the Blooding Years under the command of Avu Med 'Telcam.


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