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The Unggoy Bodyguard[1] is a Unggoy rank seen in Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.


The Unggoy Bodyguard uses the same armor as the Unggoy Heavy, except colored white. It is the only known Unggoy variant to have a personal energy shield, which makes them harder to kill than normal Unggoy.


Unggoy Bodyguards are almost always seen with Legendary- or Mythic-tier Covenant bosses[2]. They have higher intelligence, accuracy and health than other Unggoy. The Bodyguards act as bodyguards for the Legendary- or Mythic-tier bosses, and will try to shoot down and kill whoever tries to kill their squad leader. Because they have an energy shield, they are much harder to kill than regular Unggoy, and can take at least one magazine of a Magnum before dying. Unlike normal Unggoy, Unggoy Bodyguards do not panic and flee when their squad leader is killed, and will continue to shoot and try to kill the person who killed their leader. They are usually equipped with fuel rod cannons, needlers, plasma pistols and rarely, the Void's Tear. As they are more intelligent than normal Unggoy, they fire these weapons very accurately, and even know how to use the overcharge function of the Void's Tear.


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