Like all the other Covenant troops within the Ranger class, Unggoy Rangers are Unggoy specialists fully trained and armored for extra-vehicular activity. With engagement suits designed to withstand extreme temperatures, low-to-zero gravity, and other rigors found in the vacuum of space, this role is fully capable of EVA combat. And in accordance with longstanding Covenant protocol, Unggoy Rangers can also be deployed terrestrial environments, where vertical mobility may be difficult for other classes due to challenges in terrain. Unggoy Rangers can be seen being commanded by Kig-Yar Rangers, Sangheili Warriors, and Sangheili Rangers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite previous examples of Unggoy being able to survive the cold vacuum of space without sealed bodysuits and only a helmet, the Unggoy Rangers of the Covenant remnants wear fully sealed bodysuits.

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