The Unggoy Storm are Unggoy soldiers serving in the Covenant remnants. They are the most basic troops of the faction, and the equivalent of their Minor counterparts. The Unggoy Storm role is one of the most common of their species, utilizing a standard battle harness with low-weight material for ease of mobility.


Storm Unggoy are the lowest ranked forces of the Covenant remnants, and some of the most common in the faction. They have the same role as the traditional Minor Unggoy from the original Covenant. A major difference between the two is that Storm Unggoy do not wear face masks like their Covenant Empire counterpart, instead using a tube connecting to their nose. While they still have orange eyes as in Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach, Storm Unggoy now have a black diamond-like shape in their eyes. These Unggoy seem to utilize the overcharge feature on Plasma Pistols even less, only seen on higher difficulties. There seem to be more of these on suicide rushes than other games.

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