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Before you is an alien artifact neither human or Covenant in origin. Advanced beyond our comprehension...until now.

This Unidentified Forerunner ship was an ancient Forerunner vessel that crash landed at the Babd Catha Ice Shelf, Reach.[2] It was the home to one of Dr. Catherine Halsey's labs, and had evidently been under excavation by the Office of Naval Intelligence for some time.[1]

Operational History[]

Forerunner Era[]

The ship was operational during the time of the Forerunner Ecumene. It crashed on Reach, spreading debris across the continent of Eposz.[2]

Human-Covenant war[]

By the 2550s, Dr. Halsey was researching elements of the ship. Halsey had found a "latchkey" discovery that she compared to the invention of the conical bullet and the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine. However, when the Covenant began attacking the ONI structures around it on August 29, 2552, the decryption was only partially complete. Using Wolf Spider turrets, Noble Team was able to hold off the Covenant long enough for Halsey to finish the decryption. The ship, along with Sword Base was completely destroyed by an explosive charge.[1]


The vessel was massive and roughly disk-shaped, the glacier obscuring much of its true form. The interior of the vessel housed a holographic Forerunner data terminal of some kind.[1]


  • The Babd Catha complex marks the second largest Forerunner artifact on the planet Reach, perhaps suggesting that Reach was somehow important to the Forerunners.



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