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The unidentified civilian cargo ship is a type of ship used by humanity in the 2500s.[1] These ships are primarily civilian-operated freighters. The ships are VTOL capable, due to the strong jet thrusters located on their bellies.

Class History[]

The Insurrection[]

In 2517, the UNSC Dartmouth was on route to Eridanus II when it came under attack and was destroyed by the Iliad.[2]

Human-Covenant war[]

During the First Battle of Arcadia in 2531, three of these ships were requisitioned as evacuation transports by the Arcadian Patrol, used to airlift the inhabitants of Pirth City to safety during the battle. Cargo 3 was destroyed by enemy fire, but the other two ships, Cargo 1 and Cargo 2, managed to take off and escape, saving hundreds from slaughter by the Covenant.[1]

These ships were also used to evacuate civilians from Algolis during the Battle of Algolis. One of them was shot down by the Covenant, but the other, as well as a Pelican, escaped to a frigate in orbit, which was to rendezvous with UNSC The Heart of Midlothian near the edge of the system.[3]

Ships of the Line[]