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For the unidentified moon from Headhunters, see Unidentified moon (Headhunters)

The Moon

The moon

This unidentified moon is a natural satellite of an unknown celestial body in an unknown star system in Sub-Sector 35. It was once inhabited by the Forerunners over 100,000 years ago, and is the location of Line Installation 1-4.[1] It should be noted that it has a non-breatheable atmosphere.


Human-Covenant war[]

Main article: Battle of Line Installation 1-4

During the Human-Covenant war in 2552, an Office of Naval Intelligence vessel, Long Time Coming, and a Covenant assault carrier, Clarity of Faith, crash-landed here after being disabled by the Line's weapon systems while in Slipspace. Some of their personnel were taken by Gatherers to Line Installation 1-4's main facility for study by 686 Ebullient Prism, the Monitor of the installation.[1] They eventually managed to escape with the help of their compatriots and destroy the Monitor.[2]




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