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An unidentified prowler class was used by the Office of Naval Intelligence during the Human-Covenant war and continued to be used in the Post-war era.

Class History[]

The class was in use as early as 2531 as seen with the UNSC Circumference.[1]

By 2552, both the Circumference and the UNSC Red Horse were in operation. The Circumference was at Reach Station Gamma during the Fall of Reach.[2] The Red Horse found and destroyed the Flood infected Mona Lisa.[3]

One of the ships was present for the Raid on UNSC Infinity. It would pick up Ilsa Zane following the battle.[4]



These types of prowlers featured a small pedestrian ramp.[4]


The class could hold at least one Pelican as well as at least 18 Marines.[3]

Ships of the Line[]