The Unintended Firing Glitch is a that can be performed in Halo: Reach. It results in a player continually firing their weapon while the game is paused.

Method 1Edit

  1. Equip an automatic weapon.
  2. Crouch.
  3. Press Start.

Method 2Edit

  1. Equip an automatic weapon
  2. Crouch.
  3. Cause your controller to disconnect (Take the battery out while it's on, or holding the guide button and then selecting "Disconnect controller.") Your character should now be firing relentlessly, reloading if necessary, until you re-connect your controller.


  • This glitch is most noticeable online as when playing offline, the character will not fire continuously but rather only one shot when leaving the pause menu.
  • This glitch is particularly annoying when playing Matchmaking games as it makes you stick out like a sore thumb. Fortunately the first method can be fixed quickly and easily. On the other hand, the second method takes awhile to resolve, should you accidentally disconnect your controller, and by the time it is reconnected, you may be out of ammo.
  • These glitches have somewhat been fixed, since now it only fires once with both methods. This is only partially right as the plasma rifle will still fire all its ammo.
  • It can also be accomplished by reading a datapad while crouching.
  • When this glitch is used with a Spartan Laser, it'll charge like normal, but never fire. The results, however, give the player a "flashlight" effect, luminating areas in the red light.
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