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The United Nations (UN) is an international organization[2] assembled on Earth and the predecessor of both the Unified Earth Government and its defensive branch the UNSC. By the 26th century, the UN had been absorbed into a branch of the UEG.[3]


UN Government[]

United Nations

The United Nations in Halo Legends' Origins.

By the time humanity began colonizing the other planets of the Sol system, the United Nations gained control over the nations of Earth, uniting them under a common government, the Unified Earth Government - an imperative governance change in order to maintain peace and prosperity among the colonies of the UN.[4] However, some of the UN's attempts to maintain peace failed, resulting in the Interplanetary War of 2160 - 2164.[2]

Eventually, the UN developed the "United Nations Space Command," which policed space. The UNSC became the main military body of Earth's "empire."

As far as the 26th century, the UN still existed similarly to how it was when created, although under ultimate control of the UEG, similar to the UNSC and the CAA. After the beginning of the Human-Covenant war, the UNSC gained ultimate control of the UEG and its branches.[3] The power was ultimately returned to the UEG after the war.


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