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The United Nations Space Command Defense Force (UNSC Defense Force or UNSCDF for short) is the defensive military force of the UNSC, consisting of the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and the SPARTAN Program, which serve as a joint air, land, sea, space[1] and advanced infantry force.


Interplanetary War[]

The UNSC Defense Force was created during the Interplanetary War, once the structure of the UNSC was formed. As a result of the UNSC's complex command structure, the UNSCDF is assigned to serve a ground and aerial defense force. They fought in a series of horrible and brutal conflicts across the Sol system between 2160 and 2164. Some of these conflicts include the Jovian Moons Campaign, Rainforest Wars, and the Argyre Planitia Campaign on Mars.[2] These conflicts were major clashes between the UNSCDF and predominately the political movements of the Koslovics and the Friedens.

The whole of the Interplanetary War was started by an attack on Io against United Nations officials. This attack soon escalated into a series of conflicts that spread to Mars and parts of the Rain Forests in South America. After the victories in these conflicts in 2170, the UN had established a unified military and the ultimately powerful Unified Earth Government to lead and guide the human race.[2]

Human-Covenant War[]

In 2525, many freighters had been started to disappear in and around the colony of Harvest.[3] The Office of Naval Intelligence was troubled by these disappearances and sent a disguised agent, Jilan al-Cygni, to investigate. It was then later discovered that it was an alien race called the Covenant. After a disastrous first contact, the Covenant destroyed most of the surface. The UNSCDF responded to this new-found threat, after the destruction of a CMA fleet, and sent in the Navy. This resulted in a Second Battle at Harvest. From these two conflicts, sparked a campaign for Harvest that lasted until 2531.

In the summer of 2552, the Covenant discovered Reach after planting a beacon on the UNSC Iroquois. The Covenant took out a major relay station on the surface to stop communications from the planet. ONI sent Noble Team to investigate and soon declared WINTER CONTINGENCY.

When the Covenant had finally reached humanity's homeworld in October 2552, the UNSCDF was called into action on Earth.[4]


As the main military branch of the UNSC, the UNSCDF is comprised of three autonomous or semi-autonomous branches, each with different functions and methods, but all unified under one command, and tasked with the protection of humanity, and the protection and recapture of human-occupied colonies. Control is exercised through regional CENTCOMs, which have authority over certain areas of space.

So far, the best-known members of the UNSCDF seem to be the Navy and Marine Corps, likely due to the space-oriented nature of 26th Century warfare. While also a part of the UNSCDF, the Army, and Air Force are less well known.

Unified Earth Government and Colonial Administration Authority

Rank Structure[]


The ranks used by the UNSC Army, Air Force, and UNSC Marine Corps originated in the British Army in the 18th century and the UNSC Navy's ranks originated in the British Royal Navy in the 16th century.


The rank structure of the UNSCDF is similar in many ways, though most enlisted ranks are highly differentiated.

Bases, Outposts, and Command Centers[]

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A UNSCDF assembly aboard the Cairo ODP.

It is likely that the UNSCDF has elements stationed on other planets within the Sol system, besides Earth. Mars was one such colony that housed UNSCDF elements.[5]


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Unlike the UNSC, the UNSCDF probably has a larger network of operations bases and command centers on Earth. Aside from ground centers, the UNSCDF also operates the Orbital Defense Platforms around Earth.[4] The UNSCDF, as a planetary defense force combining all branches of the UNSC, has multiple command bases situated in various regions of Earth such as Crow's Nest in Kenya.[6]

Ground Bases[]
Military Installation Location

Crow's Nest

Africa, East African Protectorate, Republic of Kenya
Outpost C9 Africa, East African Protectorate, Republic of Kenya
HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 Australia, Sydney
Base Segundo Terra North America, United Republic of North America, Mexico, Mexico City
Diego Garcia Indian Ocean
Chawla Base North America, United Republic of North America, Boston
Orbital Defense Platforms[]
Station Name Identity Code
Cairo Station UNSCDF-ODA142
Malta Station UNSCDF-ODA143
Athens Station UNSCDF-ODA144
Nassau Station N/A
Oaxaca Station N/A

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Before it was destroyed by the Covenant in 2552, Reach served as the dominant UNSCDF military powerhouse, with numerous shipyards, docking stations, barracks and training facilities, and twenty Orbital Defense Platforms.

Ground Bases[]
Military Installation Location
ONI Sword Base Viery Territory, Eposz, Babd Catha Ice Shelf
CASTLE Base Viery Territory, Highland Mountains, Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex, Menachite Mountain
Olympic Tower Viery Territory, Eposz, New Alexandria
Reach High Command Viery Territory, Highland Mountains, Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex
Reach Naval Academy Viery Territory, Highland Mountains, Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex
Sabre Program Launch/Research Range Eposz, Farkas Lake
Orbital Locations[]
Station Name Identity Code
Anchor 4 N/A
Anchor 9 (SRRS-01007)
Reach Station Gamma N/A

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Ground Bases[]
Military Installation Location
Fort Deen Unknown
ONI Base Unknown

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Ground Bases[]
Military Installation Location
Camp Currahee A Northern Peninsula


Main article: Cascade
Ground Bases[]
Military Installation Location
Fort Southwick Unknown

UNSCDF Weaponry[]

The weapons used by the UNSCDF are manufactured to the highest standards in the UNSC. They have contracts through the UNSC, that manufactors weapons. Despite this, these weapons can rarely compete with the more advanced Covenant weapons and newly discovered Promethean Weapons. However in the post-war era, human weaponry has advanced and includes newer technologies such as handheld railguns.

UNSCDF Vehicles[]

The vehicles used by the UNSCDF are manufactured with the latest engine and weapon tech. The UNSC has contracts with many corporations that allow vehicles to be built. These vehicles cannot compete with newly found Forerunner and Covenant vehicles though. Human vehicles do however have impressive weapons such as the formidable Gauss tech. In the post-war era, humanity was using a lot more miniaturized MAC technologies too.

Vehicle weapons[]

Ground Vehicles[]



Major UNSCDF Events[]


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