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The United Republic of North America, or URNA, is a country or organization located in the continent of North America on Earth.[1] The URNA is a loose association between the nations of Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America.[2]


Human-Covenant War[]

Main article: Battle of Earth

During late 2552, the Covenant attacked the city of Cleveland. The Covenant rounded up many civilians and took them to Old Cleveland.[3] To help with any of the fleeing citizens and the injured, a relief camp was created in the adjacent town of Akron, Ohio.[4]

As well, at some point during this time, SPARTAN's Frederic-104, Linda-058, and William-043 used the Base Segundo Terra in Mexico City to stage attacks on the Covenant in Cuba.[5]

One of the last battles of the Battle of Earth was Operation: MARSH FLASH in Arizona. It was part of the larger URNA SW Campaign.[6]

Post-War Era[]

On July 24, 2557, the Ur-Didact composed the citizens of New Phoenix from his ship, the Mantle's Approach, which was in orbit at the time. John-117 destroyed the ship and the Composer, but not in time.[7] The city was quarantined for eight months which ended with a speech by UEG President Ruth Charet.[8]


The UNSC Supreme Headquarters was located in the URNA.[9]


At least one Orbital Defense Platform, Oaxaca Station, was above the Republic.[8]


List of Corporations[]

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Company Facility Location(s)
Fueder Construction Salem, Oregon
Acheron Security Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
AMG Transport Dynamics
  • Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
  • Essex Junction, Vermont
Naphtali Contractor Corporation Abilene, Texas
Margaret's House of Bees San Francisco, California



New York City has been seen as a "big media-advertising" city.[10]


Around 2542, New York City was the most populous city in the URNA, followed by Los Angeles, the Greater Chicago Industrial Zone, and New Phoenix respectively.[8]


A number of starships, worlds, and cities in human space pay homage to the former nations of the URNA. Examples include:


The United Republic of North America covers a vast size of territory with a multitude of different biomes and urban areas. The Great Lakes and the Cascade Mountains were two natural features within the Republic.

The Greater Chicago Industrial Zone covers parts of the former states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.[11] New Phoenix covers a vast swath of Arizona, being an amalgamated city of Flagstaff and Phoenix.[8]

List of Locations[]

Note: Only locations with detailed information from Halo sources will be listed here. Mentioned only locations will be included in relevant sections.

Known Residents[]

Born In[]

These were the people born in the Republic.

Resided Only[]

These were people born elsewhere, but lived in the Republic for an extended time.


These were people who lived in the Republic for an extended time, but it is unknown if they were born there.

  • Yong Lee
  • Asha Moyambo




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