The Unknown SPARTAN-II Project, nicknamed "Hellspartans," is a UNSC Naval Special Warfare program.


“To bolster the offensive and defensive capabilities in the escalating conflict with the armies of the Covenant, the United Nations Space Command commissioned wide ranging programs of research into the creation of more Spartan-grade soldiers”
— Description on the EVA Hellspartan box.[1]

Five SPARTAN-IIs from the active ranks of Navy Special Warfare were handpicked for this program. Due to the possible extra strain on the body from all of the new augmentations, only two of the five recruits made it past the second month of "in-suit" training with the upgraded Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/V, designed primarily for extra-vehicular activity operations.

EVA ArmorEdit

Unlike the standard Gun Metal Green paint scheme found on nearly all SPARTAN-II MJOLNIR suits, the "Hellspartan" EVA suit is painted in a multitude of different colors. Known as "Armor Livery Dazzle Camo," these particular suits are painted in a dark charcoal black as the primary color, with small bits of red and white placed around the suit. The helmet has an extra piece of material placed on it, with an unknown area of it painted in lime green. In addition to all of that, a small stylized skull is placed on the front of the groin protection plate.

Numerous upgrades were added to the armor, such as an enhanced visual interface with a full-spectrum range of vision (including infrared, low/no light amplification, heavy light/flash suppression), advanced targeting matrix (including sight-linking and multi-target tracking systems), as well as custom armor plating.


  • Marines have begun referring to this particular unit as the "Hellspartans," in reference to both their unusual choice of camouflage, and their general "Gung Ho" attitude.
  • This unit was first referred to on the back of the box of the Hellspartan figure, made by McFarlane Toys. This line was limited to 3,000 pieces and was only available at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.
  • "Hellspartans" may be a spinoff of "Hellspawn," from Spawn's storyline. Hellspawns are like the officer corps of Hell, controlled by Malebolgia, the ruler of the eighth realm of Hell. Spawn himself is a Hellspawn.
  • The Hellspartans have been considered a non-canon element by a select number of community members, mainly due in part to its exclusivity in purchasing availability.
  • The "Hellspartan" are almost certainly a nod to Mcfarlane's (who was in charge of creation and packaging) most successful franchise; "Spawn." Any search for an image of Spawn should be enough to show the resemblance, but for a description, see that the red coloring of the "Hellspartan" coincides with the armor worn by Spawn, the Helmet design in resemblance to Spawn's mask, with the split in the white paint on the visor to give the appearance of Spawn's eyesplashes, and the skull on the "Hellspartan" groin plate acting as the skull belt buckle worn by Spawn that sheathes his chains.


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