“Construct, who is your maker?"
"Sadness and disrepair, Oracle. I am unworthy.
— The start of 343 Guilty Spark's brief conversation with this AI.

  This unknown AI appears in the third terminal of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Not very much is known about it, although it clear that it is a creation of the Covenant Empire, mainly because it refers to 343 Guilty Spark as an Oracle. It is possible that it is the main artificial intelligence aboard the Truth and Reconciliation.

Covenant Artificial intelligences are fairly limited in their intellect and are mostly used to operate starships' navigation and weaponry. Therefore, it is very possible that this was the main AI aboard the Truth and Reconciliation. If this was so, that would explain the AI's inability to comprehend the information given to it by 343 Guilty Spark and it's continuing discussion with the monitor containing references to the covenant's religion.

343 Guilty Spark first encountered it on Installation 04. 343 told him to leave the halo and cease efforts of the Reclaimers, and that it was close to unleashing a force that could not yet be comprehended. The AI then stated:

“We follow the path, and I am part of the -stone, -journey, swarm that serves… I, we, serve. They will find, then I will be free”
— Unknown Construct

The AI was certainly terminated on September 22, when the Truth and Reconciliation was destroyed by First Lieutenant Melissa McKay.



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