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“It's active!”
— The Lieutenant, after activating the Spirit of Fire's Slipspace Drive[1]

A male human Lieutenant served in the UNSC Marine Corps, aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, during the Human-Covenant war. In 2531, he was present on the ship when it journeyed to the Forerunner Shield World of Etran Harborage. During the battle fought on the planet, he accompanied Sergeant John Forge and Red Team to the Apex site on a mission to destroy the world and its fleet of Sojourner Dreadnoughts. The Covenant Empire sought to commandeer these ships in order to massively outgun the UNSC. Whilst at the site, the Lieutenant activated a lift that would transport the Spirit of Fire's Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine into Etran Harborage's artificial sun, thereby causing a supernova. Shortly after, a group of Sangheili appeared at the site and prepared to attack Red Team. With Forge also distracted, the Lieutenant was killed by Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee, who had been lying in wait with active camouflage.


Sergeant John Forge, after hearing the Lieutenant's death[1]

A male human served as a Lieutenant in the UNSC Marine Corps, during Humanity's war against the Covenant Empire. In the year 2531, he was stationed aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire when the ship arrived on the Forerunner Shield World of Etran Harborage. There, the crew of the Spirit of Fire engaged the forces of the Covenant, Flood and the Unnamed Forerunner A.I tasked with protecting the planet.[1] After Professor Ellen Anders escaped from the Apex site and UNSC troops escorted her back to the ship,[2] she devised a plan to stop the Covenant from utilizing the fleet of Sojourner Dreadnoughts positioned there. By overloading the Spirit of Fire's Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, they could create an explosion powerful enough to cause the Shield World's artificial sun to enter a supernova state that would destroy the planet.[3]

After towing the Slipspace Drive up a large hill and transporting it through a Teleporter, UNSC forces reached the top of the Apex site.[3] Alongside Sergeant John Forge and Red Team, the Lieutenant prepared to activate the elevator that would transport the Drive into the sun. Upon doing so and exclaiming as much, a group of Sangheili Minors disengaged their active camouflage and revealed themselves to Red Team and Forge. The Lieutenant was then stabbed in the back by an Energy Sword, wielded by Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee. The Sangheili had also been using active camouflage, secretly observing the activation team and waiting for an opportunity to strike. The Lieutenant let out a cry as he died, which Forge heard from his position on top of the Slipspace Drive. The Sergeant ordered Red Team to engage the Minors and proclaimed that he would handle the Arbiter, immediately before disabling the Drive's support grip in an attempt to crush him. Following a short skirmish, the activation team successfully eliminated the threats but not without realizing that the Drive now needed to be detonated manually. Forge remained with the Drive and sacrificed himself to allow the crew of the Spirit of Fire to escape the Shield World.[1]


The Lieutenant was equipped with UNSC Marine Corps Battle Dress Uniform, sporting a balaclava and polarized tactical glasses.[1]


Halo WarsEdit

The Lieutenant does not feature in the actual gameplay of Halo Wars, appearing only in the "Monsters" cinematic at the start of the Campaign level Escape.[1]



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