This Rebel Group was an anti-UNSC Insurrectionist organization, based on the colony worlds of Harvest[1] and Arcadia.[2]

The seal of this organization is of a stylized white fist on a red circle, and is found on nearly all of their units.


Sometime prior to 2531, the group had began operations on Harvest and Arcadia. On Harvest, they appear to have been operating in the North Pole.[1] On Arcadia, they had set-up bases near and around the ONI Base,[3] near Fort Deen,[4] and all around Pirth City.[2][5]



Their equipment was mostly gained from captured UNSC units and buildings, including barracks and defensive turrets.


This Rebel group have spread their influence to a number of worlds. Here are the known worlds they operate on:


They do not appear in the campaign of Halo Wars. They are relegated to Skirmish/Multiplayer. Their activity on Chasms suggest that they are defensive in nature. They defend base sites and Forerunner relics.

On all Skirmish levels of Halo Wars tend to have at least 1 star on their Veterancy level. This is likely to counteract their bases being so comparatively weak against the Covenant/UNSC.

Note that their Rocket Launchers are not actually a "Y" ability that is found on UNSC Marines. It's instead a "passive" ability like the Rockets from a Hornet. They are one of the only units that are found armed with sniper rifles in Halo Wars posing as an anti-infantry unit for rebels; the other being the Jackals.





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