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This Unnamed Sangheili Shipmaster is a Sangheili Shipmaster who fought in the Human-Covenant war and later became part of the Covenant Separatists when the Great Schism broke out.[1]


Battle of KholoEdit

In 2539, the Shipmaster served in the Fleet of Righteous Vigilance, under the command of the Prophet of Conviction. After discovering the location of the human colony world Kholo, the Shipmaster led his fleet to the planet and deployed forces on the surface. After the ground engagement, the Shipmaster hand-guided his ship's Energy projector to carve the glyph representing "Faith" on the planet surface in a ritual glassing. After successfully carving the glyph, the fleet completed the glassing and the Shipmaster was bonded to the Prophet of Conviction.

The Shipmaster fought at the Fall of Reach, and destroyed three Orbital Defense Platforms, claiming he saw the best of Humanity's combat prowess at Reach.

The Great SchismEdit

When the Great Schism broke out, he confronted the Prophet of Conviction, who attempted to kill the Sangheili. He knocked out the San'Shyuum and brought him forth in front of the crew, who were exposed to images of the Sangheili High Councilors assassinated by the San'Shyuum's Jiralhanae "puppets." When Conviction woke, he was later killed by the same Shipmaster he was bound to during the war against Humanity.

Post Human-Covenant WarEdit

From that day until at least 2559, he had been fighting the Jiralhanae in the Sangheili-Jiralhanae war. In that year, the Shipmaster returned to the human colony, Kholo, so that he could atone for his sins. The Shipmaster observed Humans in a small skirmish with a couple of Kig-Yar, and came across a human who had been shot by a carbine. Thinking that the human would die from his wound, he moved on, but he stumbled upon pictures of humans observing Forerunner artifacts, one of which that resembled the Forerunner Oracle on High Charity. He went back to the human and saw that the carbine round had passed through him and thought that the human could be saved, as he had seen humans survive worse. This time he would not get answers from the treacherous San'Shyuum, but from a human, "Reclaimer" to the Forerunners.




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