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The Unrelenting was a Covenant Zanar-pattern light cruiser that attacked the UNSC forces on the 27th, November 2525, near the Damascus Testing Facility at Chi Ceti IV.[1]

Operational History[]

The Unrelenting launched an attack on the UNSC Commonwealth and was able to severely damage her. The Commonwealth likewise, was able to do enough damage to the Unrelenting for SPARTANs to be forced to break off their attack. Days after, however, probably after repairing damage, they came back to finish their job. During the new space combat against the Commonwealth, Covenant ship it was boarded by three SPARTAN-IIs, John-117, Kelly-087 and Samuel-034 who had all infiltrated the ship by slipping through a hole the Commonwealth's MAC guns had caused.

The Unrelenting was destroyed when the three SPARTANs fought their way to the ship's reactor and placed ANVIL-II Air-to-Surface Missiles nearby, detonating them when the SPARTANs were clear of the ship. Unfortunately, Samuel's MJOLNIR suit had been breached when it was damaged during a firefight, and he was unable to evacuate the ship; he stayed aboard to activate the missiles.

As the Unrelenting was destroyed so quickly, there were no survivors, and no messages sent, so the Covenant ignored who had destroyed it and how until a year later, when an alliance of Insurrectionist leaders searching an alliance with the Covenant tell them about the SPARTANs and their missions.[2]

The crew of the Unrelenting was later accused of having a "lack of faith" by the Prophet of Regret for not repelling the Spartan soldiers and destroying the human ship.[1]


  • The Unrelenting was the first Covenant ship destroyed by human beings, and the Battle of Chi Ceti, the first human victory during the Covenant War.
  • It should also be noted, that it appeared to have a crew of only Kig-Yar. This is taken from the SPARTAN's exploration of the ship, and the fact that no other species - Sangheili, for instance - were called to halt the human attack. Small vessels crewed by Kig-Yar and Unggoy are common in the Covenant fleet as artifact-retrieval vessels sent out to scout for holy relics. However, in the Halo: The Fall of Reach Animated Series, at least an Sangheili, and a Ungoy were seen onboard.

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