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The Unwavering Discipline was a Covenant cruiser part of Rojka 'Kasaan's faction and captained by Rojka himself.[2]

Operational HistoryEdit

The ship at some point picked up the Cryo-chambers of Gray Team. They were kept inside a storage room among parts of Seraph fighter crafts.[1]

The Discipline was considered old by 2558. Poorly maintained engines and lack of crew plagued the ship.[3]

When a UEG Diplomatic Corps team came to Carrow to help negotiate with the Sangheili, they were given a tour of the ship.[4]

Battle of CarrowEdit

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On September 1, 2558, the Discipline would engage Thars 'Sarov and his Jiralhanae over Carrow.[2] After sustaining quite a bit of damage, Thars sent boarding craft to the Discipline.[4]

Melody Azikiwe awoke Gray Team in the middle of the fighting. They would end up fighting several Sangheili on the ship.[1]

At some point, the Unwavering Discipline would crash into the surface Carrow. Debris from the ship would land over 100km northeast from the Sangheili city of Rak.[5]


Known CrewEdit


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