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Unknowable energies seethe from this long-abandoned Forerunner spire, making it a vital prize for Covenant and Human forces.

Uplift, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 320-91[1] is a medium/large sized Halo 2 Vista multiplayer map.


Uplift is a War Games map based on the site of a critical power conduit used to control the direction and movement of Installation 05 as it orbits Substance.[1] "The initial concept was to create a Forerunner equivalent of a space elevator by twisting the concept and making it an energy beam of some kind."[2]

Two bases are opposite from each other and connected by a large bridge and there are large structures on either side. The blue base is built inside the cliffs while the red base is a small Forerunner structure.

This map was created for larger scale objective games. It offers access to both infantry and vehicles. By doing this, "the bridge ended up being the infantry route and the terrain below is a vehicle playground."[2] Uplift also has two turrets. "One is facing the bridge sidelong, which could whittle a flag-runner down pretty well as they try to cross it."


  • A glitch causes players who walk into the red beam to receive the Hired Gun and Flaming Ninja achievements if they already have the Legend or Ninja achievements, respectively.
  • This is the only map in Halo 2 in which ammunition for the Needler is found.