“Greetings, I am 117649-Despondent Internecion!”
— 117649-Despondent Internecion

117649-Despondent Internecion an Artificial intelligence construct presumably of Forerunner origin, was the AI Monitor, caretaker, and historian left to keep watch over Installation 07 and its contents when the Forerunner departed. In a similar fashion as most human AIs, he has several blocks on him which do not allow certain behaviour- for example, he cannot retrieve the Index from the Library or unify it with the Core.

But seriously I'm only joking. I just happen to be a fanactical Halo geek who knows and enjoys knowing almost everything Halo! My main area of interest is the Storyline and specifically the Forerunner. Though I have extensive knowledge in my matrices concerning the UNSC and the Covenant. Would you like to see the relevant data?

As I'm sure you may have guessed my favorite character is 343- Guilty Spark but I generally like all the monitors- though so far we've only met two.

I have an interest in becoming more involved in Halopedia and my hobbies include:

-Website Design


-ICT in general which I am very good at.

-Playing Xbox360 -Naturally Halo 3 and I'm a bungie Fanboy and Proud.

Thanks for looking at my page!

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