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Welcome to my profile!

My name is 343. I've been on FANDOM since 2012 (or Wikia as it was known then) and Halo Alpha was the first ever Wiki I joined. I'm 24 years old and as a stereotypical Brit, I love my tea, adore the monarchy and like to game!

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About Me!

I've been a Halo fan for many years... I owned an original XBOX Crystal (limited edition) and got an XBOX 360 as soon as I could to progress onto Halo 3 - where I was really impressed with the online gameplay. Apart from all this, I'm a passionate politics man. I love to talk about politics and current affairs as well as spending time with my family, my friends and my Fiance (who is also called Jake! I know, crazy right!).


Like all of you, I love Halo. My favourite game being Halo 3. Although I've since played all the games, it was Halo 3 that attracted me to the franchise. The online game play and the engine I really get on with. Very much hoping that eventually, they'll release a remastered edition. If anyone should like to play online with me, my gamertag is FloodOrigins. I've completed all the main series games on campaign and again, my favourite out of all of them is Halo 3. Though, I think that 343 has done a good job so far. I'm more than happy.

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