aka 9cdd

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on September 17
  • I am Guy

Marine 1-Hey, check it out.

Marine 2-No way, 9cdd.

Marine 3(blinded by wounds)-For real, you guys better not be..

Marine 2-No man, He's hear. We're gonna be alright.

Dont touch my game

Im 9cdd, I own every Halo game except for Halo 2 and my Gamertag is Asasibomber. If you want to play just tell me your from the wiki. I like forge and FFA and Big Team Battle maps are my specialty. I also do not have the Halo Reach map packs. My favorite character is Sgt. Johnson. My favorite enemy is the Flood, and my favorite game is Reach.If I mess up and you want to notify me the fastest way is to message me on Xbox360.

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