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The 'real me'. I'm a university student currently studying to be a Veterinary Surgeon, so I have no compunctions about talking "science-type-stuff" with you.

In my spare time I play Xbox 360, PC Gaming, read science fiction novels (Black Library books are some of my favourites), write fiction, watch TV (someone bring back Firefly please) and edit Halopedia.

I've been writing fiction for a few years now, currently aiming to complete a short story for a competition so wish me luck. I love all things science fiction, and both sides of the genre. It all started with StarCraft nearly a decade ago, ever since then I've been hooked to all types of sci-fi(roll on StarCraft II!). I'll admit it I can get angry at poorly written prose, so maybe frequenting a wikia site may not bee the greatest idea, but my love of Halo trumps this emotional literary response.

I consider myself an enthusiast of all things military so you may find me editing weapon articles an inordinate amount of times. I feel I have a reasonable knowledge of military technology, tactics and weaponry and quite possibly a worrying knowledge of the true effects of most weapons on the living body.

I'm an avid Halo 3 player, Campaign is my zone, I've played it through several times already, I love it. Multiplayer I dabbled in until I got all 1000 gamerscore points so I'm a Lieutenant grade 2. I enjoy a bit of Slayer and CTF as much as the next guy but I just prefer the campaign. Mostly because when I come across a battle it doesn't look like a group of people jumping around on a floor seemingly made of rubber playing catch with grenades. But I still enjoy a game or two, my gamer tag is TOM THE HUNTER. ~ Yeah I know it sounds stupid but I've had it since the very first weeks of Xbox Live all those years ago.

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Looking at that I must have some worrying obsession with the Covenant, ah well...

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