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About Me

My name is Admiral T. Hood. I'm sometimes referred to as ATH or AdmiralTH on the IRC. I was born on the 22nd April 1992. I started playing Halo about 4 years ago, but I first got into Halo seriously when Halo 2 came out. I live in the United Kingdom, as you probably guessed by my blatant Union Jack.

Should you wish to contact me for any reason, please do so freely, as I am generally happy to help in any way I can.

My Favourite Stuff

My favourite hobby is Football. I play left-back for my local team (which has been the source of many a "left-back in the changing rooms" joke) and the team that I follow passionately is Liverpool Football Club. I attend most home games, and occasionally the odd away match.

In terms of Halo, my favourite race is the Humans. I prefer editing UNSC articles, and my favourite character is teh Master Chief. (because we have killed many an alien together :D)

My favourite weapon has to be the Battle Rifle, although nuthin beats the Energy Sword for close range.

I like Indie Rock music, and detest anything like rap music and Hip-Hop. To me, music is only music if it has guitars, drums and decent lyrics.

Films in general, although it has to have a decent plot. I don't like films like Superbad and the like; once you've seen one, you've seen 'em all.

Arby 'n' the Chief makes me laugh. A lot.

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Things I hate

I don't like the Brutes, purely because they have killed me so many times.

The Flood, because I expend too much ammo on the guys.

Liars, Moaners, "l33t" speak & pointless abbrieviations.

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My Userboxes

Here are my userboxes. Should you want to be my friend, just add yours to the bottom. This is because I'm too lazy to go and get them...

Example This userbox has been deleted

Ghosts of Onyx This user is a member of the Revenants of Halopedia.

1205808088 Samurai This user bows to no one!
Floodambush This user can not be assimilated by the Flood.
Capitalism This user is a Capitalist.
Atheism This user is an atheist.
EIFGH This user thinks evil aliens should stay away.
1209416737 Jack460 This user waves the Union Jack with pride.

My Awards


This user, Admiral T. Hood, has been awarded the Honour Legion. The Honour Legion is given solely by Commander Qu'ra 'Morhek, and is given only to those who have proven themselves worthy to join the Kr'Rana Legion in it's campaign to bring wisdom where there is ignorance, light where there is darkness, and order where there is chaos.

Union Medal

This is an award that I give out to users who have helped me with something or has in general been of great assistance to me or has otherwise done something beneficial towards Halopedia that I have witnessed

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This Halopedian has been awarded the Union Medal, an accolade given solely by Admiral T. Hood. This user has, in the eyes of Admiral T. Hood, gone out of their way to help his/her fellow Halopedians or been of great assistance to Admiral T. Hood

Contact Me

*E-mail: due to several "interesting" characters emailing me my email is now only given to people that ask and I know.

*The IRC

*My Talk Page

*My Message Board

Some Quotes

* Laziness is the last Divine fragment of God-Like existence left to Man from Paradise -- Anon

* God is a concept by which we measure our pain. -- John Lennon

* Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. -- Oscar Wilde

*Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. -- Groucho Marx

More to follow...

My Friend Userbox

Here is my friend userbox. (courtesy of PATX). Feel free to take it should you wish.

code: {{ATH Friend Userbox}}

The End

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